Posted By:Tom Waller
Subject:Lawleys from TX adopted by Wallers in CO 1905-10?
Post Date:May 07, 2012 at 12:44:57
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In doing my family history, I've confirmed an old family story about my grandfather and his brother being adopted. Their official documents say they were born in Texas in 1904 and 1905, and we can find them living with Clarence Waller and Lilly Mae Waller (nee Shawver) in Cokedale, Colorado in the 1910 Census. My grandfather and his brother are James Kenneth Waller and Eugene Waller respectively, but also show up on sometimes as James Lawley Waller and Eugene Lawley Waller. This taking of the middle name of their biological parents matches memories of family members of an old, perhaps lost document where a Lawley is listed as parent.

So we're pretty sure that something happened to the Lawleys between 1904-5, the year of my great-grand father and great uncle's birth in Texas, and 1910, when they were taken in by and took the name of the Wallers of Colorado. We know that the mines of Cokedale, Colorado were owned/operated by a company out of El Paso, Texas: American Smelting and Refining Company. We think that might suggest the personal/geographical connection that led to the adoption. but we can't find any tragic death of any Lawleys in Texas that might explain their kids being adopted by the Wallers in Colorado. By the way, another name involved may be the Morris family, first generation immigrants from Wales, since the Wallers not only lived with them for a time in Cokedale, but James Waller also married the Morris's daughter, Glenys Ivy Morris.