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Subject:Re: Westley Burgoyne Dyches/Dykes 1810 Louisianna?
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I found this couple in 1850 in Bastrop Co., TX; I have found no family member on any later census.

1850 Bastrop, TX
#16 Weslly (indexed Westty) [Wesley-added on census] Dykes m       38 b. ca 1812 LA Farmer
H [Harriet-added on census] Dykes       37 f b. ca 1813 LA
M Dykes       13 f b. ca 1837 TX [Implies a marriage ca 1836 ; this couple in TX ca 1837; if Charles, below, is a son, then the marriage was ca 1833.]
Frances Dykes       9 f b. 1841 TX
A [Adaline-added on census] Dykes       7 f b. 1843 TX
E Dykes       5 f TX
R Dykes       4 f TX
E Dykes       3 m TX
Z Dykes       0 10/12 m TX

Only other Dykes in 1850 Bastrop, TX is Charles.
#310 Samuel B Morris       25 Blacksmith Conn
Susan M Morris       19 MO
Robert J Morris       1 TX
Asa Morris       65 Conn
George A Morris       22 Conn Blacksmith
Adolph A Erhart       19 Germany Apprentice to blacksmith
Charles Dykes       16 m b. 1834 TX Apprentice to blacksmith **********
Jacob Stebbins       17 m Germany Apprentice to blacksmith
Margaret Anderson       63 f Ken