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The HUFF line of research began for me in October 2010 when I stumbled across the "Memoirs of J.H. KING" on the Titus County Texas Genweb page.

According to his writings - compiled in 1906:

1) "Henry King married Lizzie Johnston, widow of Robt. Johnston of Cleveland Tenn. She had two children, Polina and Jas. H. Johnston. Palina was the mother of Judge Robt. M. Lusk, late of Bonham, Texas, but now of California. J.H. Johnston resides now at Omaha, Texas."

He further states:

2) "My uncle Henry King had three children, Doc (Wm Sergant) who was killed by my side in the Battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec 31st, 1863, unmarried. Louvenia married M.D.L. Burton. She died in the '90's. My uncle Dr. Henry King died at Omaha, August 10th, 1873." [Note: Omaha, Morris Co., Texas]

I ordered both a xerox copy of the original J. H. King memoirs and a xerox of its transcription, made by Marc Coker, from the University of Texas at Arlington. I began checking the spelling of everything. Some words are impossible to decipher to 100% certainty.

According to J.H. King, Henry King was the son of John King and Elizabeth (Bettie) Horden. John was born circa 1774 at Lynchburg Virginia. Bettie was born circa 1782 at Lynchburg Virginia.

John King was the son of Harry King and Bettie Brown. He was English and she was Irish.

Also, according to J.H. King; "Lizzie" _______ Johnston King had five children:

first, with Robert Johnston:
       1) Polina/Palina Johnston
       2) J.H. Johnston

and second, with Henry King:
       3) William Sergant King
       4) Louvenia King
       5) an un-named child

My great grandfather is Marcus DeLafayette Burton. He is the M.D.L. Burton referenced above, but he was usually called “Fayt.” On 10 Dec 1899 he filed a Confederate Pension Application. Attached to this application is an Interrogatory supplied by J.H. King who states:

       "I know M.D.L. Burton. I have known him for 42 years." "He enlisted in the Confederate service in        Titus Co., Texas in Oct. 1861 in Co. D., 9th Texas Infantry. He served nearly four years - that is from        Oct. 1861 to May 1865." "I and M.D.L Burton enlisted at the same time and place in the same Co. &        Regt. - went to the war together and messed together and slept together from Oct. 1861 till I was        wounded and left the command in July 1863. He was as good a soldier as there was in the army."

There is no doubt that it is my ancestor who J.H. King mentions as marrying his first cousin.

Marcus DeLafayette Burton was the son of John H. Burton. John was born 1803 in Kentucky. John married 1) Beverly Dickerson, 15 Oct 1822. John married 2) Mary Harriet Winfrey, 10 Sep 1835. Mary was born in 1805 in Virginia. Her age at the time of this marriage, 30, indicates it could be a second marriage for her as well as for her husband.

Sometime between 1850 and 1860 the family relocated to Texas. Mary died in 1858 and is buried in (?) Mason Co., KY. John died circa 1872 and is buried in Morse Co., Texas.

The children of John and Mary Burton were:

       1) Lucy Burton                                    b. 20 July 1836        d. 3 Oct. 1836
       2) John N. Burton                             b. 30 July 1837        d. ca 1861-62
       3) Moses Burton                             b. 1 Aug 1838              d. 26 Sept 1838
       4) Marcus DeLafayette Burton               b. 10 April 1840        d. 13 Feb 1921
       5) Napoleon Bonaparte Burton               b. 4 Oct 1843               d. 26 Feb 1930
       6) Francis Marion Burton                      b. 1 July 1845               d. ca. 1896-99
       7) Dorinda Burton Hunter               b. 26 Aug 1849        d. 12 Aug 1931

#4) Marcus DeLafayette Burton was born 10 April 1840 in Kentucky. M.D.L Burton married Hannah Louvenia Jane King, date and place unknown. She was born 30 Oct 1845 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Henry B King and Elizabeth H Huff. She died 24 Jul 1892 in Somerville Co., TX. Marcus died 13 Feb 1921 in Randlett, Cotton Co., Oklahoma.

The children of M.D.L and H.L.J Burton were:

       1) Harriett Dorinda Burton Holder       b. 8 Sept 1867              d. 18 Nov 1888
       2) Henry Travis Burton               b. 25 Feb 1870        d. 2 July 1949
       3) James Shepherd Burton               b. 3 Nov 1872               d. 2 May 1931
       4) Cloa Mahalia Burton Watson        b. 19 Feb 1875        d. 27 Mar 1958
       5) Martin Luther Burton                      b. 4 July 1877               d. 2 June 1940
       6) Oscar Lamb Burton                      b. 23 Nov 1879        d. 29 Jan 1967
       7) Cassie Ellen Burton Wilson               b. 13 Sept 1883        d. ca. 1968
       8) William Bevley Burton                      b. 1 May 1886               d. 11 Dec 1943
       9) Mary Burton       Zachary                     b. 10 Jan 1889        d. 8 Feb 1978

My grandfather is William Bevley Burton. I now believe "Bevley" to be derived from "Beverly" a name found in the KING family line, only written as enunciated - with a strong southern drawl.

#8) William B Burton was born 1 May 1886 in Glen Rose, Somervell Co., Texas. William married Ruth Ann McCully 4 Sept 1906 in Ochiltree Co., Texas. Ruth was born 13 Jan 1885 in Johnson or Commanche Co., Texas. She was the daughter of James M McCully and Martha Wilson. Ruth died 5 Jan 1941 in Texas Co., Oklahoma. William died 11 Dec 1943 at Liberal, Seward Co., Kansas.

The children of William B and Ruth A Burton were:

       1) Myrtle Lois Burton Doshier              b. 16 April 1908        d. 7 Jan 2003
       2) Molsie Cleo Burton Hale              b. 10 Dec 1909              d. 19 July 1988
       3) Ona Lorene Burton McClenagan       b. 28 Sept 1911       d. 19 Jan 2003
       4) Dossie Obed Burton                     b. 11 Sept 1912       d. 20 March 1988
       5) William Audley Burton                     b. 12 May 1915       d. 16 Sept 1994
       6) Martha Ann Burton Daniels              b. 11 Nov 1916              d. ?
       7) Gurden Burton                            b. 29 Aug 1919              d. 25 Nov 1992

My father is Gurden Burton.

#7) Gurden Burton was born 29 Aug 1919 in Hardesty, Texas Co., Oklahoma. Gurden married Viola Dee Woodring 10 Feb 1949. Dee was born 5 May 1921 in Ash Flat, Sharp Co., Arkansas. She is the daughter of Charles Benjamin Woodring and Mary Susan Hardin.

Charles Woodring was born 29 Feb 1892 in Gentry Co., Missouri. He was the son of Benjamin Woodring and Almeda Ann Simpson. Charles died 26 March 1949 near Liberal, Seward Co., Kansas.

Mary Susan Hardin was born 2 Aug 1896 in Gentry Co., Missouri. She is the daughter of Richard Childs Hardin and Lodena Cathrine Perkins. Mary died 9 Dec 1998 in Liberal, Seward Co., Kansas.

Gurden Burton died 25 Nov 1992 in The Village, Oklahoma Co., OK. As of this writing, Viola Dee Burton is still living at home in The Village, Oklahoma.

Dee was married 1) Marion Ruben Young. The children of M Young and Dee Woodring Young were:

       1) Gary Dean Young (Burton)              b. 26 April 1945       d. 9 Oct 1995

Gary married Sharon Ann Clinkenbeard 12 Dec 1970. The children of Gary and Sharon Burton are:

       1) Gary Michael Burton                     b. 4 Oct 1973              d. _
       2) Joshua Jeremy Burton                     b. 16 March 1978       d. _

G Michael Burton married Samantha Nicole Johnson 22 June 1996. Samantha was born 19 Nov 1976.
The children of Mike and Sam Burton are:
       1) Chandler Seth Burton                     b. 21 Dec 1999              d._
       2) Carson Cole Burton                     b. 21 March 2003       d._

Josh Burton married Mary Elizabeth Lawson 22 Feb 2008. Liz was born 20 March.

Dee Woodring was married to 2) Gurden Burton. The children of Gurden and Dee Woodring Burton are:

       1) Lynn Duane Burton                     b. 15 Dec 1949              d. _
       2) J. R. Burton                                   b. 16 Dec 1953              d. _

I am J.R. Burton - July 2011.


Prior to my discovery of the J.H. King memoirs, about all I had was Henry B King married Elizabeth Johnston. Now I was searching for the maiden name of "Lizzie Johnston."

Initially I searched the internet for the daughter of Elizabeth Johnston: Polina/Palina.

Google her son, "Robert M. Lusk" and you will find him as a lawyer and a Grand Master Mason in Texas. Google "Hon. Robert M. Lusk" and you will find his obit in California. What you won't find is the name of his mother or father. I ordered his death certificate from L.A. Calif. His parents were listed as "unknown" even to his widow. A dead end yes, but I felt certain that it is the man J.H. King had listed as the grandson of "Lizzie Johnston."

In the 1850 Bradley Co. Tenn. census, page 169, household #429, I find Henry King - 30, Elizabeth - 34, James H. - 14, William - 7 (it actually reads 17, but I believe it's a slip) and Hanner - 5, who is Hannah Louvenia Jane King my ancestor.

On the same census page @ household #425 (only 4 households away) is William Lusk - 19, and wife Mary P. Lusk - 16. I believe this to be the "Polena" J.H. King references. That would mean she stayed behind in Tennessee with her husband when the Kings moved to Texas. This would be the mother of Robert Martin Lusk who would carry on the name of his grandfather "Robert Martin" Johnston.

Next, I searched for the son of Elizabeth Johnston: James H. Johnston.

Google "James H. Johnston" "Texas" and you will find: "Robert Martin Johnston, grandfather of the subject of this review, passed his entire life in Tennessee, where he was killed by a horse, when comparatively a young man. His widow later became the wife of Henry King, and in 1850 the family removed to Texas, where Mr. and Mrs. King passed the remainder of their lives and where he became a pioneer farmer and cattle man." This is located at;


"James H. Johnston, Sr., was a youth at the time of the family immigration to Texas, where he was reared to manhood and where his marriage was solemnized." " Of their children, the eldest is Polina, who resides at Tishomingo, Oklahoma, and is the widow of Albert CURLEE."

So, I was looking for the maiden name of the widow of Robert Martin Johnston of Cleveland Tennessee. I was also relatively certain of the spelling of "Polina" - a name I have never heard before. Polina Johnston is listed in the 1880 Morris Co., Texas, Census as the daughter of James & Mary Johnston. She was 18 years old, making her birth in 1861- 1863. Robert Lusk was born in 1851. I deduced that this unusual name was being shared by a sister and daughter of James H. Johnston. It must be two different women.
It also means there is a very good probability that Polena is a family name, the name of a mother or grandmother, but so far no proof.

Searching the internet, I had already found the following Roane County, TN Marriages:

8/3/1833 Johnston, Robert married Huff, Elizabeth H.
8/5/1830 Johnston, Ebenezer married Huff, Hannah H.
9/24/1829 Huff ,William married Tunnell, Kesiah
3/11/1826 Jackson, Abel married Huff, Polly

These are located at:

It was Patricia Treadwell that gave me the hard evidence I needed to join the Huff family line. She supplied a marriage bond between Robert M Johnston and Elizabeth H Huff. According to her research:

Robert Martin Johnston married Elizabeth Hughes Huff on 3 Aug 1833, in Roane, Tennessee.

Robert Martin Johnston is the son of James Johnston and Rachel Martin. They were married on 4 March 1805 in Roane, Tennessee.

James Johnston was born 6 May 1784 in York, South Carolina, and died 9 Nov 1854 in Roane, TN.
He is buried in the Steekee Cemetery, Loudon Co. Tennessee.

Rachel Martin was born 17 April 1784 in York, South Carolina, and died 13 Aug 1854, in Roane, Tennessee. She is buried in the Steekee Cemetery, Loudon Co., TN.

James Johnston was the son of Joseph Johnston and Margaret Graham. Joseph was born 28 Feb 1745 in Dublin, Ireland and died 15 Aug 1825 in Blount, TN. Margaret was born circa 1762 in Downs, Ireland and died 11 March 1824 in Blount, TN. They were married 15 May 1783 in Surry, NC.

In the "Texas Scholastics 1854-55" I find H. King with children Wm. (male) and L. (female). They are listed in Titus County Texas.

In the 1860 Census, Red River Co., Texas, page 77, household #484, I find an H.B. King - 41, Elizabeth - 41, William, 17, Louisa - 15 (Louvenia) and Henrietta - 9.

J.H. King says his uncle Henry had three children with Elizabeth, but only names two in his memoirs. I believe Henrietta to be the name of that third child. This is not the Henrietta King who ramrods the King Ranch after the death of her husband Robert.

I find no relationship between the World Famous King Ranch and my King's. (darn it!)

Also in the 1860 Census, Titus County: page 228A, household #702, Carter B. King and family, including J.H. King, age 17.

Next door, household #703, James H. Johnston and wife M.E. (of Georgia) with two children AND my ancestor, M.D.L. Burton. Sadly, these two young children do not appear to have survived until 1870.

100 men including J.H. King, his cousin William King, and my g-greatgrandfather M.D.L. Burton all signed up for the war together. At the conclusion of the war, King says: "The 9th Texas Infantry, which had over 1200 men now stacked 70 muskets. My company D, stacked 7. The majority had died, been killed, captured and wounded. None had deserted... What Regt. suffered more in that war than that? It was not quite annihilation."

This is when the trail goes cold. I do not have Henry, Elizabeth and Henrietta in the 1870 census. By that time, M.D.L Burton and wife Louvenia with kids have moved to Somervell Co. Texas. I do not know where they were married. (probably wherever Henry and Elizabeth live)

Compounding the problem, the county lines change - a lot! Originally the area was Red River Texas and included parts of Arkansas and Indian Territory (Oklahoma) as well as part or all of 37 present day counties. Google the "White Oak Creek WMA" and it will show the general area.

I do not know when or where Elizabeth Huff died but I won't stop until I do know.

I once came across a claim that R M Johnston was buried in Steekee Cemetery with his parents but I couldn't get hard proof.

Thank you for the proof on Robert Martin Johnston and Elizabeth Huff. Unless additional material is uncovered showing otherwise, I now lay claim to "Huff" as part of my heritage.

It was mine all along, I just didn't know it. Thanks again, J. R. Burton

P.S. I did find in the 1880 census, Morris Co. Texas, page 24, household #219 James H. Johnston, Mary E. (of Georgia) and daughter "Polena". Because of this entry I discounted the idea that the name was Paulina. Also in this household are several other children and a "King" brother-in-law.