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Subject:James Minor & Martha (Wilson) McCully
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James Minor McCully & Martha Lee Wilson were married in the state of Mississippi. They came to Johnson Co. Texas soon after they were married, and lived near Waco, Glenrose & several other places before coming to near Elk City, Oklahoma.

In 1906 they came and lived in the Bill McCully dugout, then filed on land 10 miles east of Guymon Oklahoma. They had a one room dugout with a pitched roof, and you could come out of the front and go around to the back & open a small door & had 2 pair of bed springs & mattresses on the floor. You could crawl in & sleep. She was very clean and as far as I know, this was their first owned home.

He had arthritis and could hardly walk, so the children grew up in the cotton fields. They all had a fair education and played music & sang. Their children were:

1) Jennett McCully, who married James Burton. Their children were Hiram, Vennie, Lloyd, Stella, Aver, Ennis (one passed away here) Bessie, Mark, Darvin, Ethyl, Lucille, Marie & Elise. (I forgot the oldest child Judson, I think he passed away when 9 years old)

2) Ritter McCully, married Bob Whinery. Their children were Mae, Nora, Grace, Richard & Cecile. Mae married her step-brother & passed on when she was carrying her first child. Nora had T.B. She was to marry a boy in WWI & he lost his life. Grace left one son. I don't know about Richard & Cecile. Grace & Mae were red heads like their mother. Their step-sister married Robert Smith & they separated.

3) Edd McCully married Oma. Their children were Curtis, Bertha & Edith.

4) Ruth Ann McCully married Will Burton. Their children were Myrtle, Molsie, Ona, Dossie, Audley, Martha & Gurden.

5) Beulah P. McCully first married a Purvis & had Dora Lee (Dollie) - then married Owen A. Sutten. Their children were Mamie, Albia, Iva, Lola & Tom.

6) Frannie McCully never married. He was in WWI & sent to France.

Jim (James) McCully had a brother Bill who seemed to be more of a leader. He was a Mason & was called "bold". He married a girl near Waco Texas. Her name started with an S. - I never heard her first name. They had a son Hillery. She passed away & Hillery's Grandmother raised him. I think he was with her until he was 15 or past, then came to Oklahoma near Elk City to his dad's. He had chills so bad at Waco, Ardella Henderson said his grandmother made him a whole stack of beautiful quilts that he never got. She passed away & Hillary never went back.

Bill McCully married a Whinery & she had a son. He tried to get some of what was left to Hillery - which wasn't much. Hillery wouldn't have anything to do with him.

Lewis Smith was the half-brother to Bob Whinery.

Bill McCully also lost this wife - maybe in child birth. He filed on land 1 mile North of us & had a nice dugout. This was about 1905.

Hillery had a good education & could sing Tenor & could speak before a crowd. He owned 1/3 interest in our store (Sutton Store). He passed away in 1926 with cancer.

Jim McCully had a half-brother Mathew Henderson, known as Uncle Matt. He married his cousin. He was a singing teacher. He wore a stiff Katy and stepped around proud. His wife taken in washing's on the board. She died in child birth. He then married Ardella Hill, she ran off & married him - have heard she was a fine Alto singer.

Their children were Jesse, Elmer, Nettie, Bill Cricket, Lillie Mae & Buckley.

Martha Lue (Wilson) McCully had one sister Ruth Ann - who passed away when just a girl; one brother Levi - married Viney? Their children were Houston (married Cassie Burton) & Trudy Wilson who married Lute Burton. She was clean & a good worker. They lived with us, the Suttons, a month one time & we took a trip to see the McCully's & Henderson's near Henrietta Texas. We went in a covered wagon. Mamie was 1 year old. The McCully's came back with us.

The James McCully family were all a happy people. Jenny was good with a needle. Ruth played the organ but didn't sew. Beulah could also play the organ (shaped notes) & sew, but not as well as Jennie. All could sing. Fran picked a guitar.

I heard them say they slept on their cotton sacks to wait for day light, to start picking cotton. Also chopped cotton with a hoe. Their father got them in the field early.

We all liked Grandpa McCully, but he had a fast temper at times. He & Papa got along well. Grandpa would ask Dollie & me to chew a twig from a tree for a tooth brush. I would have Dollie do it. He had no teeth. He dipped snuff.

Dollie was born 1 mile north of us in Bill McCully's dugout. We didn't know them at this time.

When they lived near Waco Texas, they were afraid of storms. Beulah said her & Ruth would take their albums to the cellar. They also lived near Alvarado Texas. Some where they used to swim in the Brazos River.

The McCully's lived (I think this was just Grandpa & Grandma) lived in a dugout on the Murphy place, later the Haley Perry place & there was a 2 room house with a nice up-stairs sitting empty.
Grandma raised a garden & took care of the cow.

After Grandpa passed away, Grandma always wore black. Beulah made her some nice clothes & a black bonnet for presents. They were living in the Barnett house North of us when he died. Five years later she passed away there. She & Fran lived there with Burt Burr. They were both layed to rest at the Range Cemetery.

Compiled by Ruby (Sutton) Miller