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Subject:SCRITCHFIELD in Rusk, Smith, & SanAugustine counties Tx
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I believe that Henry & Sina probably married in Sabine Parish, La as he had a ton of close kinfolk living there before and after 1850. Also, I don't know Sina's maiden name but she may have gone to SanAugustine County after Henry died because she had family there or because her mother in law was living there with the David Webb family in 1850.......
Also, Sina may have 2nd married Mr [unk] Adams abt 1863-1864 in SanAugustine County...???
OK, the info below is all I know about Henry, Sina, & chn.....

Seeking specific dates, spouse surnames etc for the Scritchfield's shown in the censuses below. They are descendants of Henry Scritchfield who was the oldest son of John Scritchfield & my 4th great aunt Sarah [Anderson] who married 07 Jul 1816 in Warrick Co, Indiana.
Henry was also the brother of Mariana [Scritchfield] Anderson mother of Mary Eva [Anderson] Parker Screws of Rusk Co Tx.

1910 Smith Co Tx/ED 78/Prec 3/Bullard/HH 210-214/pg 274a
SCRITCHFIELD, A J/HH/wm age 57 Tx/Ms/Ms/m 33yrs
Scritchfield, Mary J/wife/wf age 47 Ms/Ms/Ms/m 33 yrs
Scritchfield, Jessie/son/wm age 19 Tx/Tx/Tx/single

1900 Anderson Co Tx/ED 11/Prec 4/HH 284-286/pg 207a
SCRITCHFIELD, Andrew J/HH/wm age 47 born Feb 1853 Tx/Va/La/married 23yrs
Scritchfield, Mary J/wife/wf age 37 born Apr 1863 Ms/Ms/Ms/7 of 7 chn lvg
Scritchfield, William H/son/;wm age 22 born Dec 1877 Tx/Tx/Ms/single
Scritchfield, Archie/on/wm age 18 born Feb 1882 Tx/Tx/Ms/single
Scritchfield, George J/son/wm age 16 born Apr 1884 Tx/Tx/Ms/single
Scritchfield, Lizzie/dtr/wf age 13 born Mar 1886 Tx/Tx/Ms/single
Scritchfield, James/son/wm age 10 born Jul 1889 Tx/Tx/Ms
Scritchfield, Jessie/son/wm age 08 born Aug 1891 Tx/Tx/Ms
ADAMS, Sina/mother/wf age 77 born Jul 1822 La/Va/Va widow/1 of 7 chn lvg (note: Adams was Sina's 2m surname)

1880 Henderson Co Tx/ED 35/Prec 5/HH 86-87/pg 188b
living next door to his mother
CRITCHFIELD, A J/HH/wm age 27 Tx/Ar/La
Critchfield, Mary J/wife/wf age 18 Ms/Ms/Ms
Critchfield, William H/son/wm age 02 Tx/Tx/Ms
Critchfield, Florence/dtr/wf age 5mos born Jan 1880 Tx/Tx/Ms

1880 Henderson Co Tx/ED 35/Prec 5/HH 85-86/pg 188b
living next door to her son Andrew
ADAMS, Sarah/HH/wf age 57 La/Ga/Ms/widow
Adams, Hugh/son/wm age 16 Tx/Al/La/single

**I have not found Sina or any of her children in 1870 yet**

1860 SanAugustine Co Tx/SanAugustine/HH 167-167/scr 26
S__THFIELD, Sina/HH/wf age 37 La
S__thfield, Elizabeth/wf age 16 La
S__thfield, Martha/wf age 15 La
S__thfield, Jane/wf age 09 Tx
S__thfield, Andrew J/wm age 07 Tx
S__thfield, Wm H/wm age 03 Tx

1850 Rusk Co Tx/Rusk/HH /pg 287a
CRITCHFIELD, Henry/HH/wm age 34 Ar
Critchfield, Sina/wf age 27 Tx
Critchfield, Elizabeth/wf age 07 La
Critchfield, Martha/wf age 05 La
Critchfield, Malissa/wf age 03 Tx
Critchfield, Jane/wf age 3mos Tx

Per the 1900 census, Sina said Andrew was her only living child and only her son Hugh by her 2m was living with her in 1880 so I have no clue as to when/where her 4 daughters and/or son William died.
I have located and transcribed Andrew's sons George, Archie, Jim, and William on the 1910+1920 censuses but just didn't include them here. I'm pretty certain all of Andrew's children married between 1900-1910 in Smith Co Tx but I don't have access to those marriage records.
I believe that Henry & Sina probably married in Sabine Parish, La as he had a ton of close kinfolk living there before and after 1850.
Because cousin Henry died so young, please help me to document and preserve his ancestry for any descendants who may come looking for him some day in the future.
My heartfelt thanks,