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Subject:Wadford-Watford, Hubbard, Havens-ins
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I am desperately looking for information regarding my great grandfather, William Henry W(h)adford.

My g-grandfather was supposedly born in Alabama on September 15th during the Civil War years and the tale told is that his family may have originally come from the Carolinas to perhaps Newton, Dale County, Alabama, where he may have been born. He was orphaned at a young age when his family may have died in a "plague" possibly on a river(house)boat and the story has it he was discovered alone after a couple of days. He possibly was sent to live with an uncle in Florida, but ran away with cousins when he was a young boy and they ended in Texas with another supposed uncle. I am able to trace him from 1885, Rains County, Texas to Delta County, Colorado where he is buried.

The cousins may have been his mothers' family. The first record I can find of him is his marriage to Mary E. Havens on October 25, 1885 in Rains County, Texas where he had worked building Sulpher Springs Road. They had a son, William Henry Whadford Jr. born Oct. 15, 1886 in Sulpher Springs, Hopkins County, Texas and Mary soon died afterwards. My g-grandfather then married Sminthie Ellen Matlock (b. Sept. 4, 1874 Marlin, Falls County, Texas) on Jan. 14, 1889 at Cureo, Dewitt County, Texas. They had six children:

Leona Josephine (f) b. Mar. 20, 1890 at Cuero, Dewitt County

Bonnie Monroe (m) b. Jan. 15, 1892 at Edna, Jackson County

Jessie Winnie (f) b. Sept. 26, 1893 at Edna, Jackson County

Maude Belle (f) b. Jun. 26, 1895 at Edna, Jackson County

Lillie Mae (f) b. Mar. 5, 1898 at Edna, Jackson County

Charles Henry Claude (m) b. Jan. 9, 1902 at Paonia, Delta County, Colorado

The found censuses of him are:

The 1900 census of Montgomery County, Texas lists:
William Henry Whadford, w, m, born-Sept, year-1865 age last birthday is 30 or 39 and he is a logger (possibly in the San Jacinto Range) and his unknown parents were born in Alabama. The census date is June 4th, 1900.

The 1910 Delta County, Colorado census lists:
William H. Whadford, m, w, age 47 (birthyear? 1863?) and as a survivor (dependent?) of the Civil War and that his father was born in Alabama and his mother was born in Florida. The census date is April 18th, 1910.

The 1920 Delta County, Colorado census lists:
William H. Whadford, m, w, age 56 (birthyear? 1864) and both his parents were born in North Carolina. The census date is Jan. 24th, 1920.

The 1930 Delta County, Colorado census lists:
William H. Wadford, m, w, age 66 (birthyear? 1864) and his father was born in South Carolina and his mother was born in Alabama. The census date is April 10th, 1930.

Recently, I finally found a census listing a Willie Wadford approximately the same age as my g-grandfather would have been and I'm hoping someone may be able to provide the crack in my brick wall. It is the 1870 census of Shelby County, Hillsboro, P.O., Alabama, page 423. I cannot clearly make out Ms. Wadford's first name and I'm hoping it is recognized.

The listings is:

Hubbard, James D. age 24, M, W, Farmer b. Alabama.
Mollie, age 20, F, W, Keeping house, b. Alabama.
Walter R. or B., age 1 , M, W, At Home, b. Alabama.
Wadford, ? (possibly Annie or (N)Annie), age 25, F, W, At Home, b. Alabama.
Wadford, Willie, age 4, M, W, At Home, b. Alabama.

I'm assuming Ms. Wadford is a sister to either James D. or Mollie, but I have found no proof.

If you have any information regarding the Wad-Watfords, Havens-ins, Hubbards or recognize this story, please let me know. I would also appreciate any ideas or other contacts.

Thank you!
Nancy L. Compton