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Subject:Ralph Gregory (James) Saucedo
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We are seeking any information on Ralph (Gregory?) (James? possible last name prior to Saucedo) Saucedo.He was born on 7/10/1908. We were told he was born in Oklahoma (specific location and date unknown). His father's name was Furney James (Furney is phonetic .. unsure of accurate spelling or if this was a nickname) and his father was a full-blood Cherokee (we question this). (Just discovered that Furney may have been short for Fernando or?) Furney worked in some sort of engineering capacity (or for an engr. company, perhaps surveying..mining has been mentioned?) We believe that Furney was married when he lived in Oklahoma but we have no information on that wife. For reasons unknown; Furney was in or around Laredo, Texas where he met and married a woman of Spanish or Hispanic descent. We believe her name may have been Joveta (Jovita) Saucedo (which I understand is Spanish). Ralph was born of this marriage. We do not know if there were other children. For reasons unknown Furney, this wife and Ralph went to Mexico. I had originally posted that the parents died of an exposure to mustard gas but I have since been corrected. They died of a plague that occured in Mexico and which I am told is documented. If anyone has information regarding such a plague in Mexico it would be appreciated. The boy Ralph was returned or somehow came back to the mother's family (specifically his uncle) in Laredo where he took on the mother's family name of Saucedo. We have no further information as to where he was until the approximate age of 27 but he told us he had worked on the various ranches in south Texas and at one time for Gladiola Flour. We next find him in the Laredo/Eagle Lake, (Eagle Pass?) Tx. area where he met and married Noemi Gallegos. There were three daughters by this marriage. Ralph was driving a produce truck from somewhere west of Houston and delivering to the market in Houston, Texas where he met Lenora Jones. Ralph and Lenora relocated to Los Angeles, CA. where one son was born to them. Lenora became pregnant again but decided to return to Houston. Ralph stayed in California. The second child was born in Houston, Texas and is my husband. Ralph remarried in CA and there were 3 more children by that marriage. We know that he was in the Army. All children by all three marriages know each other and are in contact. There is absolutely no disputing the three wives and 8 children. What we cannot confirm is the parents, the story regarding being taken to Mexico, being brought up by the mother's uncle, and where he was prior to the age of around 26 to 28. I have located a Jovita Saucedo on the SSDI who was born 10 July 1908 and died in Utah in 1995. Her SS was issued in Texas. She could not have been the mother but could have been related in some way. Any information which may be of use will be gratefully appreciated.