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Hi Katie,

If you haven't checked out the Family Search pilot project, you should. Lots of good databases, including the actual images of Texas Death Certificates from 1890-1970. I'll list the link here in a minute.

Turns out there was another son, Geroge. He died in 1931 (b. 1882). Mattie was the informant on the death certificate.;collectionId=1320964;motherSurname=daniel;fatherSurname=grantham;searchType=standard;placeId=2784;eventPlace=Bexar%2C%20Texas%2C%20United%20States

She says she was also born in England and George was born in Tennessee. Also, Morris' death certificate shows he was born in Tennessee. Interesting. She also says her maiden name was Daniel.

The Family Search pilot is at;r=0
click "Browse our record collections" to see the list of what databases are available.

There's also some of the US censuses there. I'm guessing you might have seen the 1910 already, since your info matched what appeared there (the children and Llano Co.). 1900 has George, with a completely different birth date. Mattie is listed as b. in 1861 in Tennessee. She also has 4 living children, 3 of whom are listed. (George, Morris and Estell). Interestingly, Estell is listed in 1900 as born in Mexico, in 1910 in New Mexico. Very different places (I saw from your posting history that you are in the UK, so don't know how familiar you are with US geography).

Looks like the 1920 census, which I accessed the image through Heritage Quest, is the mother lode. This is for Bexar Co. TX, which is the county for San Antonio. Mattie is listed as Martha D. Grantham, b. in Tennessee. George is head of household. Estelle is there (born in Mexico), married name Flanagan, with her daughter, Dorothy. Most importantly, there's more family. Looks like it might be Mattie's brother, Frank. A, 53, b. Kentucky, with his mother, Elizabeth, 78, b. Tennessee (TN) and his sister Ruth, 36, b. in Tennessee.

Found at Family Search Elizabeth Daniel's death certificate.;searchType=standard;collectionId=1320964;surname=Daniel;givenName=elizabeth;placeId=57;eventPlace=Tennessee%2C%20United%20States

She lives to 103! Dies in 1944 in Bexar Co. Ruth is the informant. Ruth doesn't know her grandparents' names, but she does know her mother was born in Livingston, TN. That's helpful.

Found Estell's death certificate;collectionId=1320964;motherSurname=daniel;fatherSurname=grantham;searchType=standard;placeId=2784;eventPlace=Bexar%2C%20Texas%2C%20United%20States
A Mrs. K.L. Kilpatrick is the informant. Might be Dorothy. Her father is listed as Herbert. But then, she's also listed as born in Llano. Hmm. Estell dies in 1973.

FINALLY found Mattie's death certificate (searching by last name Grantham doesn't pull everything up).;givenName=martha;collectionId=1320964;p=recordResults;searchType=standard

Father was Franklin Daniel, other was Elizabeth Arnnett Amazingly, she's listed as a retired medical doctor (in 1910 she was a postmistress). Morris is the informant. Date of death is 1950.

This is also an interesting death certificate. Any kin to Herbert?;givenName=george;collectionId=1320964;surname=grantham;searchType=standard

I did find H.N. Grantham and his wife M.D. in the 1880 census find Franklin Co., Tennessee. They have a baby daugher, T. DuBose (?). has a picture of Frank Jr. and Elizabeth's grave at San Jose cemetery in San Antonio:

Ruth is there also:

The Bexar County Clerk has a ton of records online. You just have to sign up for an account (it's free).

Hope this helps!