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Subject:Motte-Mott/Coursey lineage
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Surnames: Motte, Mott, De La Motte, Wiggins, Fulton, Shirley, Watts, Delano, Sturrock, Coursey, Sharp, Secrest, Secrease, Hammond, Murphy, Moore
I am seeking information on the Motte/Mott lineage parents, spouses, siblings, marriage info., burial/cemetery info, etc. from the Carolinas possibly South Carolina with Joseph Motte b. abt 1715 d. abt 1787 Georgia m. Jean Maiden Name Unknown Abt. 1738 South Carolina.
This line migrated from the Carolinas to Georgia to Mississippi Territory-Alabama, some to Louisiana and others to Texas.
I was given this information by another researcher: "Joseph, Jonah, Lovelace, & William spelled their name Motte in many of the Georgia and Alabama records. Each seems to have dropped the e at different times."
I have also seen researchers refer to " De La Motte" as the origin of the Mott surname, but as of now, I have nothing to document that.
If anyone has information to document and verify this line or corrections that they will share with me, I would appreciate your assistance tremendously.

I descend from the following line:
Descendants of Joseph Mott, Sr.
Generation No. 1
1. JOSEPH MOTT, SR. was born 1745 in South Carolina, and died Unknown. He married HESTER MAIDEN NAME UNKNOWN. She died Unknown.
2.       i.       JUDGE JOSEPH MOTT, b. March 11, 1774, South Carolina; d. December 15, 1849, Tyler Co., Texas.
       ii.       NATHAN MOTT, b. 1760; d. Unknown.
       iii.       WILLIAM MOTT, b. 1765; d. Unknown.
       iv.       LOVELACE MOTT, b. 1770; d. Unknown.
       v.       JONAH MOTT, b. 1778; d. Abt. 1835, Alabama.
       vi.       JESSE MOTT, b. 1780; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. JUDGE JOSEPH MOTT was born March 11, 1774 in South Carolina, and died December 15, 1849 in Tyler Co., Texas. He married ZELPHA WIGGINS. She was born October 16, 1777 in South Carolina, and died December 29, 1851 in Tyler Co., Texas.
3.       i.       PARTHINIA MOTT, b. 1802, Georgia; d. November 17, 1883.
       ii.       JOSEPH GEORGE MOTT, b. 1806, Clark Co., Alabama; d. 1846, Galveston, Texas; m. ELLIZA FULTON, 1833, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; d. Unknown.
       iii.       PAMELIA MOTT, b. 1812, Clark Co., Alabama; d. 1842, Tyler Co., Texas; m. SILAS SHIRLEY; d. Unknown.
       iv.       BENJAMIN F. MOTT, b. 1814; d. 1864, Tyler Co., Texas; m. CAROLINE WATTS, September 21, 1850, Tyler County, Texas; d. 1900, Galveston, Texas.
       v.       CAROLINE MOTT, b. 1815, Clark Co., Alabama; d. Unknown.
       vi.       HELEN MOTT, b. 1818, Clark Co., Alabama; d. 1894, Tyler Co., Texas; m. OLIVER DELANO; d. Unknown.
       vii.       AMANDA MOTT, b. August 13, 1820, Tyler Co., Texas; d. June 05, 1911, Tyler Co., Texas; m. WILLIAM STURROCK, August 20, 1854, Tyler County, Texas; d. Unknown.
       viii.       OLIVER MOTT, b. 1824, Tyler Co., Texas; d. Bef. 1850, Tyler Co., Texas.

Generation No. 3

3. PARTHINIA MOTT was born 1802 in Georgia, and died November 17, 1883. She married DR. JAMES VALTINOS COURSEY (I have no documentation to support that he was a doctor.) September 14, 1817 in Clarke Co., Alabama. He was born Abt. 1757 in New York (I have no documentation to support dob & place), and died Unknown.
4.       i.       VALENTINE AUSTIN COURSEY, SR., b. December 10, 1818, Clarke Co., Alabama; d. January 11, 1868, Texas.

Generation No. 4

4. VALENTINE AUSTIN COURSEY, SR., was born December 10, 1818 in Clarke Co., Alabama, and died January 11, 1868 in Texas. He married (1) BESSIE SHARP
(I can find no documentation to support this marriage). She died 1820. He married (2) NANCY SECREASE July 05, 1840, daughter of MICHAEL SECREST and CHARLOTTE HAMMOND. She was born September 04, 1820 in Alabama, and died June 18, 1884 in Llano, Texas.
       i.       GIRL NAME UNKNOWN COURSEY, d. 1820.
       ii.       BOY NAME UNKNOWN COURSEY, d. 1820.

       iii.       GEORGE WASHINGTON COURSEY, b. February 14, 1841; d. November 29, 1846.
5.       iv.       ELIZA AMANDA COURSEY, b. October 30, 1842, Texas; d. September 07, 1907.
6.       v.       SARAH PARTHEINIA JANE COURSEY, b. March 04, 1844, Tyler Co., Texas; d. January 04, 1926, Rogers, Texas.
7.       vi.       CHARLOTTE HELEN COURSEY, b. April 05, 1845, Woodville, Tyler Co., Texas; d. February 16, 1917, Polk Co., Tx..
       vii.       WILSON TRAVIS COURSEY, b. June 10, 1846, Tyler Co., Texas; d. November 18, 1864.
8.       viii.       ZILPA CAROLINE COURSEY, b. March 21, 1848, Tyler Co., Texas; d. August 27, 1869.
       ix.       BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COURSEY, b. August 03, 1850, Texas; d. August 18, 1883; m. HATTIE STEVENSON, 1875; d. Unknown.
9.       x.       ELIZABETH CYNTHIA COURSEY, b. February 17, 1852, Texas; d. November 15, 1930, Melvin, Mcculloch Co., Texas.
10.       xi.       JAMES ABSOLUM COURSEY, b. July 02, 1853, Tyler Co., Texas; d. August 07, 1932, Llano Co., Texas.
11.       xii.       VALENTINE AUSTIN COURSEY, JR., b. August 15, 1856, Tyler Co., Texas; d. 1952, Llano Co., Texas.
       xiii.       HIRAM ALEXANDER COURSEY, b. May 16, 1857, Texas; d. September 01, 1863.
       xiv.       CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS COURSEY, b. February 15, 1859, Texas; d. August 03, 1863.
       xv.       JOHN A. COURSEY, b. February 24, 1863; d. September 23, 1866.

CHARLOTTE HELEN COURSEY , was born April 05, 1845 in Woodville, Tyler Co., Texas, and died February 16, 1917 in Polk Co., Tx.. She married LARKIN M. MURPHY August 05, 1868 in Houston, Harris Co. Texas, son of RICHARD MURPHY and ELIZABETH MOORE. He was born June 20, 1849 in Leake Co. Mississippi, and died January 20, 1912 in Soda, Polk Co., Tx..