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Subject:Lewvania Adkins md Daniel Dunham 1805 Wmson Co, TN
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Fellow Adkins family researchers,


Adkins, Lewvania md Daniel H(A) Dunham 8/2/1805, bondsman was John D Garrett.


John D Garrett & Daniel A Dunham were buyers at sale of estate of John Garrett, Wmson Co, TN, 1806.

Inventory of estate ofThos S Adkins in 1817 included a $4 note on Daniel Dunham.


There was a Daniel Dunham in 1811 tax list and 1820 census of Davidson Co, TN, but I'm not sure this was the same Daniel Dunham.

1830 CENSUS of TIPTON CO, TN: p269; Dunham, Daniel 1021001-1201201.


Written/signed 1/7/1837, produced in Tipton Co Court 4/3/1837; Will of Daniel A Dunham, "late of said county by one of his executors (& son-in-law) Charles G(lover?) Fisher": "wife Lovania and all my said chilidren viz Elizabeth V Fisher (Mrs Charles G), Sarah H Temple (Mrs Edward M), Daniel F, Robert H, Lovania A, Martha A, Rebeca J, John H and Eleanor A, and such others may, after the due execution of this presents, be born to have and to hold..."

3/6/1849 in Tpiton Co, TN: Fisher, Elizabeth Glover md Gabriel J Slaughter

1850 FC of Tipton Co, TN: p 619; Fisher, Charles 52 VT, E(lizabeth) V(irginia)(Dunham) 42 TN, Willaim D(unham) 21, George H 17, Daniel D(unham?) 15, Charles G(lover?) (Jr?) 13, Phillip A 12, Susan 8 & Anna 3 (ch b TN?).

Also, on p621: Slaughter, G(abriel) J 30 KY, Elizabeth G(lover)(Fisher) 20 TN, Edwin H 8, Nancy 72, Patterson, Martha 6 & Mary 4.

12/12/1848 in Tipton Co, TN: Dunham, Joseph H(enry?) md Sarah Caroline Cotten

1850 FC of Grimes Co, TX: p369A, 95/105; Dunham, John H 22 TN, Retilda (???) 19 AL, J(oseph) T 5/12 TX & Johns, (f) M C 4 TX.

96/106: Dunham, J(oseph) H(enry) 31 TN, S(arah) C(aroline)(Cotton) 26 NC, Daniel F 36 TN.

1/19/1852 in Tipton Co, TN: Fisher, William Dunham md Sophia Cotten Flowers

Not yet found in 1860, but see 1880 FC of Grimes Co, TX.

1860 FC of Tipton Co, TN: p355; Fisher, Charles G(lover?) 58 VT Virginia E(lizabeth) (Dunham) 51 TN, Slaughter, Elizabeth (Glover) (Fisher) 30 TN, Fisher, George H 26, Susan V(irginia?) 17, Anna L(ovania?) 13, Charles F 8 & Susin U 3 (last two may be Slaughter grch?, see 1870 Fc of Grimes Co, TX).

10/24/1867 in Tipton Co, TN: Fisher, Annie L md James B Hamilton

1860 FC of Grimes Co, TX: p240, 251/248 Courtney PO; Chatham, J(ohn) S 39 GA, Retilda (???/Dunham) 28 AL, Rufus 3 Tx, James W 2 TX, Dunham, J(oseph) T 10 TX & Ann R 8 TX.

Have not yet found Joseph H Dunham & fam in 1860, but see later.

1870 FC of Grimes Co, TX: p270A 970/970 Plantersville PO; Chatham, John 49 GA, Matilda 38 AL, Joseph 24 TX, Anna 18 TX, Chatham, Rufus 14 TX, James 12 TX, Robert 10 TX & John 3 TX.

Also, on p280B, 1130/1130 Courtney PO; Dunham, Joseph H 51 TN, Sally (Sarah Caroline Cotten) 46 NC, Fisher, Mary 17 TN, Brooks, Theresa 21 LA, Fabian 14 LA, Wm 12 LA Archy 11 LA, Norman, Leonard 30 GA & Burgess, Benjamin 20 LA.

Also, on p280, 1131/1131; Fisher, Daniel 36 TN, Margaret (???) 25 TX , Jennie 3 TX & Slaughter, Charles 17 TX(TN?).

1880 FC of Grimes Co, TX: p164A; Dunham, J(oseph) H(enry) 60 TN TN TN, S(arah) C(aroline) (Cotten) 55 NC NC NC, (niece) Fisher, M(ary) F 26 TN TN TN, (niece-in-law) Fisher, S(ophia) C(otten) (Flowers)(widow of Wm Dunham Fisher) 46 TN NC NC, (great-niece) Fisher, T J 15 TX NC NC, (other)Evans, John FL SC SC & (other, MU) Davis, Harriet 45 VA VA VA.

Also, on p10B Navasota PO; Fisher, M(argaret?)(???)(widow oF Daniel Fisher?) A 35 TX TN TN, Glover 7, Maggie 5 Mattie 2 (ch TX TN TX) (other) Johnston Lizzie 19 & Julia 17 GA GA GA.

I just recently found these listings of Dunham & Fisher in 1880 FC of Grimes Co, TX. I quickly realized that I had copied some Adkins from this same county earlier, and I was able to make the connections, except that the Wm Adkins, son of Thos S Adkins & Elizabeth Ensley Jones evidently went by Joel Walker Adkins, Sr. His father had died when he was very young, and his mother remarried to Joel Walker Winston in Madison Co, AL in 1817.

I will post more to this forum as I gather it, and I invite other Adkins & Dunham family researchers to join in, anytime, more later, happy holidays, Richard.