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Subject:Battah Family From Turkey and Lebanon
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Hi My name is Habib Battah and I have found all your Battah stories facinating, especially Samuel Battah's story about the first Battah. My father is Tony Battah, he is Lebanese from Tripoli. Interestingly, his brothers, like the original Battah, were both well-known championship wresters in Venezuela in 50-60's. Their names are Bassil and George Battah. My father and his brothers moved to Venezuela to make a living in the 50's. Their father, my grandfather, is Elias Battah. Elias's brothers are Antoun, George, and sister Victoria (now Nasseh) Battah. He and many other relatives moved to Lebanon to avoid persecution of Christians in Turkey. (They are all Greek Orthodox) It must have been some time around the turn of the Century when they came from Adana and Tarsis Turkey. They were brought over by my father's grandfather, Bassil Battah. Bassil and his brothers, Hanna, Deib, Naim, and George Battah were all brought over during this persecution of Christians, according to my father. Basil's wife was Myryana Bhero. His brother, Hannah Battah stayed in Turkey however, Deib Battah emigrated to Brazil, Naim Battah to Australia, and George Battah to Venezuela. I know George's children are Edmund, George, and Julia-- I think. As for my father's father, Elias Battah, he stayed in Tripoli, Lebanon and Married Dalel Tuma. Later they all moved to Venezuala, where my uncles were wresters. While my father's family lived in Tripoli, other cousins moved to Rochaya valley where they made hand crafts and pottery. I beleive some of the family that stayed in Turkey, turned Muslim and changed their name from Battah to Anandi. Some continued to live in the City of Antakya in South Turkey. In the last ten years my parents have been living in Beirut. My father has also told me that about 400 years ago, Battah's went by the last name Naame. I'm a student at the University of Texas. Well that's about all I know, hope someone can identify with some of this. Please feel free to post follow-up messages. Take care,
Habib Battah