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I'm new to this forum. Very, very, cool.

My aunt was the amateur genealogist in our family before she died a number of years ago and I've been fortunate enough to have some of her notes. Unfortunately there are a lot of gaps.

My grandfather is RUSSELL Tully, born in North Salem, MO in Sept 1888.

Russell's father was ALONZO MARSHALL Tully, born in Konowha County, West VA in March 1855. His mother was Nancy Dora Jane Spencer of Cora, MO.

Alonzo's father was TANDY Tully Jr., born May 1827. Apparently Tandy had at least two other children: Florence (b. circa 1858) and Arzariah (b. approx 1860). Alonzo's mother was Louisa Casdorph.

Tandy Jr.'s father was TANDY Tully (Sr.), born 1784 in Amherst County, Virginia, son of John Tuley. Tandy Sr. and his wife Sarah Taylor apparently had 8 children. According to Victor Tulley, they were alfred (b.1810), reason (b.1811), powhattan (b.1814), adaline (b.1818), eli (b.1823), william (b.1824), tandy jr. (b.1827), john (b.1836).

I'm very interested in connecting to some relatives. I'm especially interested to know if Alonzo had any other children besides Russell? Did those children have any descendants of their own?

Any other known descendants of Tandy Jr's other children Florence and Arzariah?

Hope to hear from someone!

Dennis Tully