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Sorry to take so long to respond to your posting. Judging
from the tombstones in Marshall County, there must have been
quite a few Finleys there.

This is just a quick observation.

There are three published tombstone surveys of Marshall
County that I know of:

A WPA Survey published in 1940 is woefully incomplete. They
did not begin to visit all the cemeterys and did not list
all the tombstones in many of the cemeterys they did visit.
Worst. The book is not indexed by surname. You have to
leaf through page by page looking for any surname you are
interested in.

The good thing about the WPA Survey is that it is the oldest
and they were able to record many inscriptions before the
days of our modern acid rain began to disolve tombstones at
about the same speed a lump of sugar is dissolved by water.

The next survey I am aware of was compiled by Ralph D.
Whitsell in 1968. No copyright noted.

The latest I am aware of is what appears to be a pretty
comprehensive listing by Whitsell and Timothy & Helen Marsh
in 1981.

In answering your query I looked at Whitsell's 1968

p. 57. June 1, 1810

Bethbirei Cemetery [at the first Presbyterian
Church in Marshall County].
"On this spot was preached by Rev Samuel Finley the first
and organizational sermon of Bethbirei Church, from 'Upon
this rock I will build my church.'"

p. ?? Welch Cemetery one mile south of South Berlin, off the old Columbia Road:

J.H. Finley

G.G. Finley

Martha Ann Finley
Apr. 14, 1846-Nov 5, 1910

W F Finley
Feb 19, 1841-Feb 14, 1918

The book says there were two Finley cemeterys. One is one
mile N. of Catapla Road on the old Finley farm. 18 graves
were marked; 15 appeared to be Finleys or spouses. The
other Finley cemetery was across a fence in another field
and is completely lost due to neglect. I did not take the
time to copy the several Finley inscriptions in the Finley

At the Cocran Cemetery on Cocran Road, between Lewisburg
and Cornersville:

Wife of W.F. Finley
Feb 13, 1841-Jan 22, 1912.

I noticed that the 1981 tombstone survey has a large number
of listings for Finley; many more than the 1968 book. Did
not try to copy them.....hope you are where you can obtain
the books on inter-library loan.