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Looking for information regarding the following, taken from a letter written from one relative to another. No specific dates were in the letter. Some guesstimated dates added.

Mary LEAHY, a“product” of a Donovan-Knash union, from Castle-Rae (or Castleraegh), Ireland. Mary LEAHY migrated to County Cork when she married Jerimiah COUGHLIN. Early 1800’s.

Mary LEAHY and Jerimiah COUGHLIN had several children. One of Mary and Jerimiah’s children is “Kit(1)” (assuming this is a nickname). They also had Jeremiah (Jerr), Matthew, and Flurence (or Florence).

“Kit(1)” COUGHLIN married John(1) DONOVAN, who was born in Schull, Ireland. John(1) DONOVAN was the oldest son of a second marriage. His father (name unknown) had two sons, Patrick(1) and Edward, before his first wife died.

Patrick(1) DONOVAN came to USA. Edward was lost at sea. Patrick(1) DONOVAN prospered in the US. He had six sons who were doctors and one son was an architect. They lived in California.

John(1) DONOVAN and “Kit(1)” COUGHLIN had a farm in County Cork, and had ten children (mid 1800's): Patrick(2), William(1), Nora, Maria, John(2), Mike, Margaret(1), Catherine(1) (Kate), Tim, and Elizabeth (Lizzy). John(1) Donovan and “Kit(1)” Coughlin lived to be “very old.”

Patrick(1) sent passage money to Ireland for his father John(1), and siblings Patrick(2), Maria and Margaret(1). John(1) worked in the US and sent money back to his wife “Kit(1).” John(1) DONOVAN returned to Ireland, but the children did not.

Patrick(2) did construction work in “the East.” He then went to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and after that job, stopped in Erie, Pennsylvania to see a Patrick HURLEY, an old friend of his father’s. There he met one Nora COUGHLIN, whom he married. He and Nora had five daughters and one son, John(3). John(3) was “drowned in the Millcreek Flood” (Millcreek, Erie, Pennsylvania, 1915). The daughters were: Mary Aurelia(Minnie) married David Anthony CROTTY, Josephine(Jo), Nora(Nonnie), Margaret(2)(Maggie), and Nellie. All born between 1883 and early 1900's in Erie, PA.

Patrick(2)’s brother, William(1) was a policeman in London, England, and a life-long batchelor. When he retired, he returned to the family farm until he died of old age.

Nora went to Melbourne, Australia. She married John TIERNEY(1) and had a son, John TIERNEY(2), when she discovered John TIERNEY(1) had been married before and hadn’t bothered to be divorced. She left John TIERNEY(1) and supported herself and son John TIERNEY(2). John TIERNEY(2) married Lucy Unknown, and lived until about 1970 in Melbourne.

Maria (pronounced “mar-eye-ya”) DONOVAN came with her sister, Margaret(1), to Canada. Margaret(1) married a Dr. CASSIDY, but she died in childbirth. Maria was just a girl of fifteen at the time, alone in Camp Bedford, a province of Manitoba. She then went to Newport, Rhode Island, where she knew someone from County Cork. She married James DEVLIN. He died and left her a widow at age 22, with one son and one daughter. She died in February of (about)1946 in Newport.

John(2) DONOVAN came to Erie, and married Margaret MAHONEY. They had four children: Marie (who died in infancy), Catherine(2), John Elmer, and Margaret(3). Catherine(2) died of a heart ailment about 1970.

John(2) DONOVAN’s son, John Elmer was an eye, ear, nose, and throat specialist. He married Alice O’BRIAN, and had five children: John Brian(Jack), Joan, James, Patricia, and Judith.

John(2) DONOVAN’s daughter, Margaret(3) married Everett RUSKA, and had three children: John, Anne, and Mary.

Patrick(2)’s brother Mike DONOVAN stayed in Cork and died of a heart attack at age fifty-nine. “He was the only one who died at an early age. All the rest of them lived to be very old.”

Patrick(2)’s sister, Catherine(1)(Kate) landed on Ellis Island, July 4th 1895, and became a dressmaker at a “very fashionable place,” in Erie, where her brothers Patrick(1) and John(2) DONOVAN lived. She married John Joseph LEARY on June 6, 1905, and resided west side in Erie, Pennsylvania. Catherine(1)(Kate) and John LEARY had six children: twins Elizabeth(Betty)(b.6/6/1912, d. 1/9/1996) and Margaret, Mary, Helen, Genevieve(“Jim”), and John F.(Jack).

Patrick(2)’s brother Tim DONOVAN stayed in Ireland, married, and lived in Goleen, where his four children grew up. His oldest daughter, “Kit(2),” became a doctor. She married Pat COFFEY, also a doctor, and had four children, and lived in Sutterton, a suburb of London. Two of the sons also became doctors, Paddy, who lived in Boston, a suburb of London, and William(2), of Sligo, Ireland.

Patrick(2)’s sister Elizabeth(Lizzy) came to Erie, and became a seamstress for “Bunnie RONALDS.” While on a trip to New York with a co-worker, Annie STRONG, Elizabeth(Lizzy) met Pat J. O’BRIEN and married. They had six (known) children: Jack, Mary, Jim, Betty, Catherine, and Ginger(nickname).

Please forgive the typos. Thank you, Hunter