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Subject:Re: Weber from Prąttigau Valley area near Klosters in Graubunden
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Weber is found very widely throughout the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. However, the family had long-standing citizenship in only a few towns in Graubunden.

A good place to start when one is researching Swiss surnames is always the Register of Swiss Surnames, which has been available free online for a number of years at

It shows where in Switzerland there is a family with a given surname and the age range when the family obtained citizenship. This lets you narrow your search, but of course does not mean that your ancestor was in one of those particular towns :-) It also does not show locations where the family previously had been present but no longer has any members with citizenship. Also remember that someone could have citizenship in one town while living in another town or even out of the country. Vital records would generally be transmitted back to the church of the town where one had citizenship, but there usually would be a delay, which at times could be many years (say until a child married or some other significant event)!

The results for Weber in Graubünden are

Surname       Canton       Community       Citizenship obtained       Place of origin
Weber       GR       Arvigo       1920       (D)
Weber       GR       Augio       1942       (D)
Weber       GR       Breil/Brigels       b       
Weber       GR       Casti-Wergenstein       1893       (D)
Weber       GR       Cazis       1933       (D)
Weber       GR       Chur       1852       (Langwies GR)
Weber       GR       Davos       1918       (D)
Weber       GR       Grüsch       1861       (F)
Weber       GR       Langwies       a       
Weber       GR       Mathon       1821       (A)
Weber       GR       Saas       a       
Weber       GR       Sils im Domleschg       1899       (D)
Weber       GR       Untervaz       b       
Weber       GR       Zizers       1825       *
Legend: a = before 1800; b = in 19th century; c = in 20th century.