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You are probably wondering why I am posting about ostkaka on a genealogy website. Basically, I am trying to determine
from which side of my father's ancestry our tradition of making ostkaka at Christmas comes from.

From my earliest memories my dad's mother made ostkaka for Christmas. We as kids just assumed that this was a Swedish
Christmas tradition. Several years ago my wife and I ran into 2 men from Sweden who were visiting a nearby factory owned by Huskvarna. I asked them about ostkaka at Christmas but although they knew of ostkaka they were unfamiliar with it being associated with Christmas.

I suspect, but have no proof, that those of Swedish-Americans made ostkaka at Christmas as a special treat to remember the old country. (Our family did not have a tradition of lutefisk at Christmas).

There are other people of Swedish descent that I know of (but are unrelated) who make ostkaka at Christmas time
but I don't know from which part of Sweden they are from.

My father's mother had ancestors that originated in Hyklinge, Östergotland and Kristdala, Småland. My father's male ancestry is from Skane near Ystad.

Would any of these areas be more likely to have the ostkaka making tradition? I am suspecting Kristdala since I found
a youtube video on ostkaka making which originated in Skog, Småland.

From the “Ostkaka Småland 2009” video -

I've helped my German-descent mother make ostkaka (she learned it from my father's mother) and our recipe is quite similar to the one in the video except no almonds or almond extract is added.

God Jul to all!