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Below find a roster which I'm working on "fleshing" out alittle bit on Company B of the 1st Rhode Island Volunteers, I'm hoping to have in the next few weeks a more completed and updated roster than is currently found online, with history, of the entire 1st Regiment and the other Rhode Island Units and Volunteers from the War with Spain on our Camp website (

Any information that you might have on Corporal Charles B. Montgomery that you would be willing to share with us would be very much appreciated, as part of our groups goals (The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans and Daughters of 98) is to gather any and all information on the veterans of the War since they are so often overlooked and forgotten.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.

- Kenneth H. Robison II,
Sons of Spanish American War Veterans.

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Company C, 1st R.I. Infantry Regiment, U.S. Volunteers

The company was mustered into service as Company C of the 1st Rhode Island Infantry Regiment, United States Volunteers, on May 13th, 1898, for two years service.

- Captain
Pearce, Harold S.: Mustered into service as First Lieutenant of Company I on May 14th, 1898, for two years service, at Camp Dwyer, Quonsett Point, Rhode Island; promoted to Captain on September 14th, 1898, vice Captain Whipple had resigned; _______
Whipple, Everett Edward: Of Westerly, Rhode Island. Resigned his commission. [Served with the Brigade of Rhode Island Militia from 1873 to 1907 (enlisted as a Private in the Westerly Rifles, Company B of the 1st Regiment of Infantry, on July 30th, 1873; promoted to Second Sergeant on May 14th, 1875; as Second Lieutenant of Company B, 3rd Battalion of Ifnantry, on December 22nd, 1879; as First Lieutenant of Comapny E, 1st Battalion of Infantry, on June 9th, 1885; as Captain of Company E, 1st Battalion of Infantry, on October 19th, 1886; as Captain of Company E, 1st Regiment of Infantry, on October 19th, 1889; placed on the retired list on February 27th, 1892; returend to active service as Captain & Provost Marshall of the Brigade on May 18th, 1892; placedon the retired list on June 22nd, 1900; returned to service as Colonel & Aide-de-Camp on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief on January 3rd, 1905; placed on the retired list on January 22nd, 1907).]

- First Lieutenant
Matteson, Archibald C.: Of Providence, Rhode Island. [Served with the Brigade of Rhode Island Militia from ___ (as Second Lieutenant of Comapny C of the 1st Regiment of Infantry on October 8th, 1897).]

- Second Lieutenant
Turney, Walter S.

- First Sergeant
Sherive, Frederick A.

- Quartermaster Sergeant
Sprague, James H.
Tarrant, William L.

- Sergeant
Arnzen, Niles J.
Craven, John
Johnson, Howard C.
Thornton, Robert E.

- Corporal
Bloser, Hermann
Burke, Martin F,
Carleton, Charles O.
Degerberg, Nils O.
Edawrds, Herbert H.
Fife Jr., John
Hauff, Emil
Hodgsen, Joshua D.
Kelsey, Duane E.
McCawley, John
McCormack, Andrew J.
McKenna, William F.
Montgomery, Charles B.
Thompson, Ellridge H.
Waterman, William M.

- Artificer
Barnes, Fred A.
Welsh, Maurice J.

- Wagoner
Chipperfield, Frank A.

- Musician
Grover, Frank A.
Smith, James A.

- Private
Armstrong, James
Austin, Eugene A.
Babcock, Frederick E.
Bagley, Thomas F.
Barker, Horace R.
Blanchard, Arthur
Boyd, Elmer
Brennan, Frank J.
Burton, James
Butman, Frederick O.
Catelli, Leone
Conley, Peter
Crane, Maurice H.
Dahlgren, Leonard
Dahlin, John
Davison Jr., James
Delfino, Lingi
Douglas, James
Douglas, Robert P.
Eade, Thomas N.
Ehrhart, Anton
Essex, Edward E.
Finnegan, Edward
Fry, William C.
Fuller, George E.
Galligan, John W.
Glockle, John J.
Gloud, William E.
Grady, John J.
Hannigan, John G.
Hartley, William
Humphrey, George E.
Jutras, William P.
Kane, William
Keough, Edward
Kiley, Henry M.
Knapp, Amos M.
Laagerguist, Carl F.
Lewis, John T.
Maroney, Michael F.
Martin, William
McCarron, Owen
McCarthy, John I.
McCue, Stephen M.
McDonough, William H.
McGregor, William
McLachlan, John V.
McLane, Walter
McTwiggin, James
Miller, Henry J.
Mueller, Theodore J.
Nelligan, Dennis J.
Nelson, Oscar
O'Donnell, Richard F.
O'Neill, Robert W.
Pilkerton, James H.
Rafferty, Thomas
Read, John T.
Regnault, Charles F.
Reynolds, Bartholomew
Richards, Eugene
Roach, John
Robinson, Walter G.
Salmon, Lewis E.
Salsbury, Lewis H.
Sarna, Peter
Sauriol, Napoleon
Shaughnessy, Patrick I.
Slade, John H.
Smith, John G.
Smith, John T.
Texido, Frederick V.
Turbitt, Richard F.
Wallance, Edward R.
Waterman Jr., Zeno
Wilcox, Charles E.
Wolter, Helmer J.
Wood, Frederick J.
Yeaw, Robert W.

- "1898, Spanish-American War, Camp Meade, Pennsylvania; Roster and Souvenir, 1st Rhode Island Regiment, United States Volunteers." Clepper & Sigler, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1898.
- "Rhode Island in the War with Spain." E.L. Freeman & Sons, Printers to the State, Providence, Rhode Island, 1900.