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To All Interested:

Do You:

Have an interest in the Spanish American War?

Wish to Honour your Spanish American War Ancestor?

If so, then the Sons of Spanish American War Veterans (SSAWV) is the place for you.

Who are we?

The Sons of Spanish - American War Veterans is a patriotic organization, affiliated with the United Spanish War Veterans, Inc. The first Camp of the Order was started in New York City in 1927 and grew into a National Group at Columbus, Ohio, 1937.

Let us be reminded of the services rendered by the Veterans of the Spanish - American War, the Insurrection in the Philippines, and the China Relief Expedition, the memory of which services this organization was formed to perpetuate.

Freedom. That condition enjoyed by the people of this nation through the leadership of George Washington and which the Spanish - American War Veterans in their youth carried to the people of Cuba.

Patriotism. The love of one’s country that inspired the volunteers of 1898 to forsake all ties of home and business and offer their lives, if necessary, to bring liberty to an oppressed people struggling against tyranny.

Humanity. That sense of duty to our fellow men which animated our fathers in the performance of duty, that relieved the starvation in Puerto Rico, took happiness to the Philippines, provided for the open door in China, and stamped out yellow fever in our Southern States.

What Do We Do?

The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, in close cooperation with the United Spanish War Veterans, the Auxiliary, and the Daughters of ‘98, Jr. Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, to carry out the principles of the organization:

1. Participate in the proper observance of patriotic holidays and especially “Remember the Maine” Day.

2. Place flags on the graves of Spanish War Veterans.

3. Through the Departments, Camps and Members - At - Large observe the care and upkeep of Spanish War Memorials and Graves and bring any failure to do so to the attention of proper authorities.

4. With the assistance of the publication “The National Son” to further inculcate the love and honor of our flag; and uphold the principals of Freedom, Patriotism and Humanity.

5. Encourage in every possible way the importance of all American history to be studied properly in schools.

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God Bless all of you. I remain,

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