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Subject:Photo of Soldiers - 2nd Tennessee Infantry
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I have acquired through my family, a photo of my grandfather, Aylmer Bright Danner, in uniform standing at attention with full gear on and with rifle at hand. He is the main character of this photo along with seven of his fellow comrades in arms. They too are in full uniform, but are standing at ease in the background of the photo. All faces are visible, but I may need to see if the photo can be cleared up some to get a better view of the faces of the others. On the back of this photo is written in what could be my grandfathers handwriting, the names of all of those pictured.

All I have are last names (surnames). I do not have first names (given names).

My grandfather is listed:
Danner, A.B., Company F, 2nd Tennessee Inf. (no hometown listed), but I know of course that he lived in Milan, Gibson Co., TN. Thus, too, I am thinking that many of his fellow soldiers would be generally from that area - maybe.

Those listed as being in the photo are:

From the Tennessee state library website I have been able to come up with these possible names of who these men might be. Understand too that my criteria was to match them with Company F, 2nd Tenn. Inf.

Brainard, E.W., Company F, 2nd Inf. (blank)
Brainard, Ed, Company D, 2nd Inf. Trenton, TN (Gibson Cty)

Binkley, Arigon E.D., (company not listed), 2nd Inf., Nashville, TN

Johnson, Eric, Company F, 2nd Inf. Jackson, TN (Madison Cty)
Johnson, William T., Company F, 2nd Inf. (blank)

McGuire, John G., Company FS&B, 1st Inf. McMinnville, TN
McGuire, Thomas E., Company D, 2nd Inf. Memphis, TN

West, Dan, Company B, 2nd Inf. Dyersburg, TN
West, Daniel, Company G, 2nd Inf. Dyersburg, TN
West, James H., Company D, 2nd Inf. Memphis, TN

Williams, F., Company F, 2nd Inf. (blank)
Williams, Thomas M., Company F, 2nd Inf. Jackson, TN (Madison Cty)

Woodall, John, Company D, 2nd Inf. Nashville, TN

Additionally the number listed with each of the last names on this website, as well as which ones were from the 2nd Infantry are as follows:
Brainard, 2 listed, both 2nd Inf.

Binkley, 1 listed, 2nd Inf.

Johnson, 64 listed, 22 from the 2nd Inf.

McGuire, 2 listed

West, 13 listed, 3 from the 2nd Inf. - included above.

Williams, 61 listed, 14 from the 2nd Inf. - 12 not from the 2nd Inf. not included above.

Woodall, 2 listed, 1 from the 2nd Inf. - 1 not listed above.

Finally, I am willing to share a copy of this photo with anyone who thinks that their ancestor might be pictured herein.