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Summary of a 399 page approved Southern Claim

Edward Carter Turner
Voted-- NO GO on the Secession
Some of the Witnesses were for him and some were against him.


Robert Beverly age 53, resides in Fauquier Co., farmer, Edward his brother-in-law. Robert was an agent of the Confederate Commissary .

A. L. Marstello age 51, resides in Prince William Co., farmer

Elisha Griffith age 51, resides near The Plains, Fauquier Co., says that Mr. Chapman and Mr. Turner were intimate friends, Mr. Chapman called it a “democratic war”. Questioned on the reputation of Manly Leach, Mr. William E. Ball and Joseph Peck.

Samuel Flynn age 27, resides Hopewell, Fauquier Co., 1st cousin to Mr. Ball and Mr. Ball was also his brother-in-law. Mr. Ball went into the war, wounded at 1st Manassas.

John T. Howdershell age 56, resides Fauquier Co. “Mr. Turner’s son was a Confederate and killed during the war”. “Mr. Albert G. Adams was overseer for Mr. Tuner.” “A colored man by the name of Staunton, his wife and children escaped and went to the Yankees”.

Dr. E. P. Clark age 53, resides The Plains, Fauquier Co., physician. “Mr. Turner had a paper of Protection of Property and Persons from the U. S. Government. I was in the Service of Confederate-Surgeon.

Cuthbert Owens age 45, resides The Plains, Fauquier Co., farmer. “Me and him were from the same politics, the Whig Party. We both voted for Mr. Robert E. Scott, who was opposed to the immediate secession of the States, but during the session of the convention he voted for the Ordinance of Secession, as did his colleague, Mr. John Marr, who was elected on the same grounds”.
“ I was taken prisoner as a citizen by the Federal Army and took to Falmouth and was there imprisoned by General Patrick , to take the oath of allegiance to The United States, which I declined to do. Stating that I could not do it myself, that it was my opinion that anyone who had been born in Virginia, raised in Virginia, educated in Virginia, in the possession of property there and would take the oath could not be relied upon after it was taken. That was in the presence of bayonets. I was willing to bear my duty to go with my people. What they had to bear I was willing to bear.”

Rufus Taylor age 40, resides The Plains, Fauquier Co., farmer, Confederate 7th Virginia Cavalry

Bryant O. Utterback age 64, resides The Plains, Fauquier Co. “ I was at the polls when, Mr. Turner came to vote, May 1861. He refused to vote for the Ordinance of Secession\. He said, it was against his principles to vote against the Union and when he turned away they called him a damned radical and a trader. People were always abusing him during the war and said if the Confederates was successful his property would be confiscated. I defended him, a man has a right to his option.” He names these men John Combs, Col. Patterson, Joshua Owens, Samuel Owens, and Mosby’s men.

Mrs. Widow Nancy Glascock

Joshua Owens, 57, resides Hopewell, farmer

Mrs. C. P. Cochran, resides Middleburg

William B. Cochran age 66, Middleburg, physician

Thomas Henderson age 54, farmer. “When Turner’s son died, he said I am glad the Confederates could get no more of his sons in the service. When Kenton Owens brother to Samuel Owens was killed in Williamsburg, Samuel Owens feeling his brother’s death very much spoke harshly of the Breckinridge Democrat. He cried out “ THAT BUT FOR MY STANDING HERE IN COMMUNITY AND MR. TURNER TOO, THAT WE WOULD HAVE BEEN DRIVEN OUT OF COUNTRY BECAUSE OF OUR COURSE.”

Robert T. Glasscock age 54. “When Mr. Tuner voted , they threatened to lynch him. I feel if it was not for his position in the Community he would have been carried away from here by the Confederate Army.”

Garrett Huffish age 63, resides The Plains, Fauquier Co., “ I went to Washington from Haymarket to work. I am a Union Man. I fell from the Democratic Ranks. When Union, LT. Ramsey was killed Mr. Turner pay for burial expenses. Mr. Turner was there on the battlefield when the coffin arrived to get his body and take him home for burial.”

William Smithers ,age 54 , reside Fauquier Co., tailor. Mr. J. W. Foster made a Secession Speech in The Plains and Mr. Turner expressed his disapproval.

Thomas W. Tuner, age 41, reside Mountain Inn, Fauquier Co., carpenter, not kin. He was with the 17th VA REG INF, he was living in Haymarket at time of his enlistment. He was sick part of the time and prisoner part of the time.

Mrs. Wilhelmina Edmunds, age 45 I think, resides in The Plains. She belonged to Mr. Edward Turner, his slave. “I came to him by his wife and nursed all his children. He was in Favor of the North. Mr. John Randolph, Mr. Lewis Marshall and John Marshall had great discussion with him because he was in favor of the North. Mr. Turner thought it was right to hold to the State and give the servants up. Mr. Marshall said he would hold on as long as there was hair to hold to. John Randolph was bitter towards Mr. turner and threatened to burn Mr. Turner’s barn down. He was in the Army with Mosby. Mr. John Ambler was there also and bitter. He called Mr. turner a perfect Yankee. I heard Mr. John Randolph now has an office in Washington D.C. and he was trying to get colored people to vote for him. Mr. Lewis Marshall heard he was in Haymarket. Mr. turner did send some of his servants to the South, to Floyd Co., spring of 1863. He did that because he could not make any crops here. “Old Aunt Jenny” was sent , Staunton that escaped
To the North with his wife Eliza and daughter Tamer, he belonged to Mr. James Foster.”

Luther M. Welch age 48, farmer. He names James Lunsford and Joe Ball

John Gregg age 50, The Plains, Fauquier Co., blacksmith. “I was Union Man, myself but was obliged to shoe the horses for the Rebels both because they could compel me to do it and because I was obliged to make something to live on.

George B. Sinclair , age 84 resides Fauquier Co., blacksmith. Names Joseph Ball, and Griffiths

John S. Owens age 50, resides Hopewell, Fauquier Co. Questioned about statements made by Utterback.

Josiah T. Fishbacks age 45, Fauquier Co. Names Combs

George W. Howdershell age 42, resides Fauquier, Co. He would hear the Rebels says, Mr. Turner should be ran out on a rail. When he was ask about Mr. Turner, he would say he did not know him.
“I like Mr. Turner. I came here on my own. He did not ask me to come. I told him I was coming. I did not discuss with him what I was going to say. He did not ask, he only said he was glad that I was. He is my neighbor and I was afraid for him. I had to protect my neighbor.”