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I don't know all the reasons some of our people became Unionists. I do know the conscription decision was a much hated CSA operation.
One of my 2gtgrandfathers, McSewell HENDRIX, was conscripted from Samson,AL, and died a few weeks later in GA, near Resaca, during the Battles of Atlanta. He left a wife with several children, the youngest one only a few weeks old.
I'm from Lafayette Co., FL, and my 2gtgrandfather, David Pierpont MORGAN joined the USA in 1864, after Major Campbell, CSA, came into our area and burned all homes of even suspected Unionists, summarily executed any able-bodied man who didn't have furlough papers on his person. In one instance I know of, two men were captured w/o their papers. One was able to send word to his wife who sent his papers by another family member and he was spared. The 2nd gentleman was executed.
Grandaddy MORGAN's home was burned from under his wife and 5 young children. Grandmother Frances WATSON MORGAN had buried some salt pork beneath the house to protect it from CSA foragers. She dug it out and that was what kept her and the children from starving. I still haven't learned where they lived after this occurrence.
One thing I have come to consider as a strong possibility
for Grandaddy's being a Unionist is the fact that both his and Grandmother's families fought in the Revolution. 3gtgrandaddy Richard MORGAN was a Rev. Soldier from Duplin NC. Grandmother's grandfather GIBSON fought with The Swamp Fox in SC. Their love of the USA went deep. Their families had fought and died for the establishment of this young nation.
I rather think this may have played a part in many decisions.
BTW,I was particularly puzzled by Grandaddy MORGAN's choice, since both one of his brothers, Elijah C. MORGAN, and a son, Thomas MORGAN(my gtgrandfather) were CSA.....
until I learned of their Rev. War connections.... That gave me another perspective.
Incidentally, Yankees often question why us Rebs still cling to the Southern memories and the CSA. My personal viewpoint on this is that we have the cultural memories of being a defeated foe. Only Southerners have ever had a conquering army occupying our lands and stealing it from our people, among other things that happened. Yankees just don't have that 'memory' in their psyche....we do.....
God bless and Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!