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Rev. Smallwood,

Your question is really difficult due to the lack of information. Let me point out a few things and then make a suggestion.

1. This is not the place to look for Confederate soldiers. You have posted on a forum concerning Southern Unionist. These were folks from Southern states who enlisted in Union military units, or were otherwise loyal and/or sympatheric to the Union.

2. You really need to establish the geneaological connections first. Otherwise, trying to make connections to these soldiers is just guesswork. It is helpful to first identify the correct family, and to assertain their residence in 1860. Then you might be able to find them in a unit that was raised near their home.

3. You will likely find more people willing to help you out if you do not shout. (Posting in all capital letters is considered the equivilent of shouting by most folks on the internet.)

My advise would be to start with the Asher and Estep family forums accessible from this site. (Near the upper right corner is a box that is labled "Jump to Forum" - type the family name there and you will find others who are researching your family names.) Hopefully someone on those forums can help you get back to the Civil War era, and identify your forebearers. Then it will be time to tackle identifying which of them may have fought in the Civil War. Keep in mind, however, that Kentucky furnished men in great numbers to both sides of the conflict. Regardless of what family members may think they know, it would be wise to not limit your search to Confederate units. Many of us have been surprised to unexpectedly find ancestors who served on one side or the other, but not the side where we thought they would be.

Rick Bryant