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Subject:Re: Book on Chris "C.C." Sheats
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Hi Martine -

I received the book, and thanks very much for your nice inscription! I would have been back here sooner to reply to your previous message but I had trouble getting back into the message board. I guess I forgot my login info back when I tried before!

Anyway, I read your book and enjoyed it very much...and now my grandparents are reading it. As is common, no doubt, family history has gotten garbled with time...because if Chris Sheats had no children we certainly can't claim him as an ancestor! =) We now know a lot more than we did, though as you say, there's still very little to know. The family copy of "Tories of the Hills" was lost for about 10 years but just showed up on a bookshelf a few months ago. =) Now I don't know where I put it but it's safe somewhere (!) and when I find it, I want to read what my great-grandfather wrote inside the front cover. Probably nothing significant but now I'm curious.

Frankie Sheats e-mailed to find out about your book and also told me more about the original family. In case it's interesting to others (not you necessarily), I'll paste it here. I don't think he'd mind. I told him we live in Florida and asked where he lives and whether he knows which of Chris's siblings went to Texas. All we knew was that my great-grandfather's family came from Texas to Colorado (but were originally from Alabama) and my grandfather and dad grew up on a ranch in Ute, Colorado. Frankie says:

I live in Hartselle, Alabama, about 7-10 miles from where Chris and his parents William Wiley Sheats and Mary Garner (Sheats) are all buried. There are not too many Sheats in this area and we all came from Archibald Sheats who was from Georgia. William Wiley and Mary had 9 sons and 1 daughter. Benajah, who was the oldest was my lineage. Another son James Archibald (Arch) Sheats who was born in March of 1851 was their 9th child. James went to Enoch County in Texas. James married a Sara Fannie Stringer from Alabama and their 4th child was a Christopher Charles Sheats born July 1887 in Texas. No doubt that he was named after Charles Christopher (Chris) Sheats since Chris was James Archibald's older brother.

If you would give me your address I would like to send you some pictures and see if you or anyone could identify them. It has been a while since I looked at the genealogy but it fascinates me. I have a lot more information but I would have to refresh my memory. The Christopher Charles born (1887) is probably your grandfather's daddy being he would be about 28 when your grandfather was born. And also the younger brother of James Archibald middle name was Clay. May be short for Claybourne.


That's all a bit confusing but when I asked my 90-year old grandpa, Christopher Claybourne Sheats, Jr., whether his grandfather's name (not his father's) might have been Christopher Charles, he thought that sounded right. He had some idea about being the third Christopher but since he's a "Jr." not a "III," the names wouldn't have been identical.

Maybe some of this information will help someone else who's looking! =)

Again, thanks for a good read, and I hope all your future books will be successful and satisfying as well! I plan to order another copy sent to my uncle's family in California. How spread out we all get nowadays! =)