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Subject:Ft. Scott Scout and bushwacker Francis
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I am unable to find any information on Francis Wyruck of Vernon Co. You may have seen this before but a good starting point might be a book by Michael Fellman, "Inside War, The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri during the American Civil War. It might give you some leads.

Good Luck on your search
Dave Frederick

Cornelia Warner wrote:

> hello,
> I am looking for information on this man, my great grandfather.
> Francis Wyruck lived in Vernon Co., MO when the CW broke out. although that area was Confederate, he was Unionist and made a point of letting every one know about it. the final outcome of this was that he ended up in Kansas, purportedly the captain of a company of scouts. he is also reported as having been the leader of a gang of bushwhackers (see History of Vernon Co., MO, Frank Wyrick)
> I would like to know the actual truth, and so would like to learn which company he was in and what he really did during the CW. Vernon Co. even today has no fondness for him, understandably so. needless to say, like it or not, I am a descendant of his and I'd like to know more about him even if he is a blacksheep.
> I have examined the information on the Kansas volunteer cavalry, and wonder if he may have been part of that group, as there is a family story involving Custer-if it is correct, than Custer had dealings with both sides of my family as his attacks on the Indians had them deciding whether or not to let my great grandfather, Reverend James Franklin Cross, live. fortunately for us, they liked Frank Cross.

> Cornelia