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Thanks, Dave, for the reading list. Maybe we can keep it going. I have a few
of the books on Dave's list. Here are a few sources from my own research:

These are "old standards":

Degler, Carl N., "The Other South: Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth
Century." (New York: 1974)

Hoole, William Stanley, "Alabama Tories: The First Alabama Cavalry, USA,
1862-1865 (1960).

Tatum, Georgia Lee, "Disloyalty in the Confederacy." (Chapel Hill, NC: 1934)

Here are some articles:

Ambrose, Stephen, "Yeoman Discontent in the Confederacy," Civil War History
8:259-268 (1962).

Bailey, Hugh C., "Disloyalty in Early Confederate Alabama," Journal of Southern
History 23:522-528 (1957).

Bailey, Hugh C., "Disaffection in the Alabama Hill Country, 1861," Civil War
History 4:183-194 (1958).

Dodd, Donald Bradford, "Unionism is Confederate Alabama," unpublished Ph.D.
dissertation, University of Georgia, 1969.

Long, Durwood, "Unanimity and Disloyalty in Secessionist Alabama," Civil War
History 11:257-273 (1965).

And don't forget Robert E. Hurst's excellent article "The Southern Loyalists"
at the webside of the First Alabama Cavalry, USA .

Scott Chafin