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Yes to James (according to family lore), "disappeared". Here is some thoughts from Robert Frederick, James Allen Frederick is his ancestor. This is a reply to a message asking about James

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Yes, David (Kennedy) was hanged. "Rumor" was that James Allen may have suffered the same fate. Here are some reasons. (These are from my own observations of facts and the statements of others. The fate of James Allen Frederick is still a mystery. Yet surmised.)

1. James' daughter, Margaret Melissa Frederick married one of David's sons, Robert Russell Kennedy, indicating the family was very tight and closely related.
2. The Frederick's and Kennedy's were more than just casual acquaintances. They lived next door in what was later to become the Town of Hackleburg (so did the Britnells).
3. All (the Fredericks, Kennedys and Britnells married into each other's families before and after the Civil War, indicating strong family ties.
4. Reportedly, James' oldest son, Andrew J. Frederick went with some of the Britnells to join the Union Army in Nashville. Some say he and one of the Britnell boys later died of disease shortly after enlistment. (Note: I don't have all the particulars on that.)
5. General P. D. Roddy was responsible for the hanging of David S. lore in the Kennedy clan say he was a preacher and having sent two of his sons north to fight for the Union, voiced his opinions from the pulpit in his Sunday sermons. Southern sympathizers marked him as an agitator against the Southern Cause and Roddy was sent to make an example of him, which he did.
6. Conjecture: James Allen could have suffered the same fate in a round up of Northern sympathizers who sent sons north to fight for the Union; still no proof at this time.