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From: "Sharon" <>
Subject: Re: Children named after union leaders.
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:21:06 -0400
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Hello All,

I have been lurking a while. Waiting to see just what this list is about I
guess. <G> I live in North Florida, and began searching for my Confederate
ancestors a couple or so years ago. Found a few. However, I have found more
Union Soldiers so far to date, that I would be of direct descent anyhow. I
am beginning to believe the whole 2nd FL Cav was made of my ancestors! <VBG>
I have 2 paternal Grandfathers George Washington Driver [3rd great] and his
son William Riley Driver [2nd great] who served in Cos. D & G as Buglers.
Another 3rd great grandfather Abraham Starling who served in this unit. Also
Brannens and Sullivans who served in this unit. Don't know how many more I
will discover as I am discovering my surnames. Every one so far has been
listed as a Refugee from the confederacy and were based at Cedar Key,

Many of my paternal ancestors lived in Lafayette County, FL in an area at
the time named Call, FL. The post office was said to be Troy, or New Troy
which was a known haven for Union sympathizers and Confederate deserters. So
says an article found here:
A link from the Lafayette County, FL GenWeb site.

I too have noticed names of children strange to the Southern tongue...such
as Samuel Ullyses Grant Sullivan, William Sherman Driver, Andrew Jackson
Driver (2), one from Alabama and one from Georgia. The Andrew Jackson
Driver from Georgia being the son of Daniel Boon Driver. I have numerous
military men and presidential namesakes in my Driver line. Francis Marion
Driver...well y'all get the picture, don't mean to run on and on so. Just
wading in and getting my feet wet a little. ;-) Sharon Driver Wright