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Subject:"Ar-pi-uck-i" "Opoica" "Arpeika" "Aripeka" (Sam Jones)
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I am searching for information sources for "Ar-pi-uck-i" "Opoica" "Arpeika" "Aripeka" (Sam Jones), born abt 1756, died abt 1864-6, and his daughter Rebecca Jones, born abt 1818 in Tennessee.

Ar-pi-uck-i is phonetic and there is no correct spelling, as is the case of all of the early Native Americans.
He was a signer of the Treaty of Payne's Landing, May 9th, 1832 and the Seminole Treaty of 1833.

Sam Jones, a Mikasuki chief, went by the name of Aripeka or Arpeika. There are other insignificant variants of his name, such as Apiaka, Apeiaka, and Appiaca. In 1841, the year before the close of the Seminole War, Aripeka occupied the region near the mouth of the Kissimee River and the eastern border of Lake Okechobee. He is said to have had seventeen warriors and a large number of women and children in his band. He was then about seventy-eight years old. Sam Jones was associated with Creek chief who was known as The Prophet, also known as Otulke-Thloko, which is a corruption of hotālgi lāko, and signifies "Big Wind Clan" (chief). Another name that the Prophet bore was Hilis Hadjo, "Crazy Medicine," from Creek hilis, "medicine," and hajo, "crazy".
The name Aripeka is possibly corrupted from Creek Abihka, "pile at the base," "heap at the root," an ancient Creek town near the upper Coosa River.

His name is spelled Arpeik in a poem published in 1859. A 1908 map spells the town Aripeka.
He was against removal to Indian Territory and fought in the second Seminole War.

He died is Florida?

Information on his wife was Itee, who was half Choctaw, half Irish.

Information that I have concerning his daughter Rebecca Jones is that she was born in Tennessee, 01 Jan 1817 and died 21 Jan 1893 in Shelby Co., Texas. She married Ephraim Miles Mitchell, born 18 Jan 1812 and died Abt. 1875 in Shelby Co., Texas. They were married about 1834.
They had 13 children.

Any information concerning Ar-pi-uck-i, his wife, Itee, and his daughter would be very welcome.