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Subject:Two Hammond Seavers in MA
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Hi list,

One of the major mysteries that I and others have tried to solve is the parentage of Christopher Hammond Seaver, who married Mary White in 1861 in Boston. I have found some useful bits of data in my searches, and wanted to share them with the list.

The MA VRs (146.66) marriage book says: Christopher Seavers (age 22, laborer, resident of Charlestown, born Boston, son of Hammond and Hannah Seaver, first marriage) married Mary White (age 23, resident of Charlestown, born in Ireland, daughter of John and Ellen White, first marriage) were married 17 July 1861 in Boston.

The 1860 US census for Suffolk county MA (LDS microfilm 0,803,520) lists on page 239 in Boston 1st ward, family 1561:

Susan Seaver (age 52, female, born Halifax NS)
William Seaver (age 21, male, laborer, born MA)
Christopher Seaver (age 18, male, born MA)
James Seaver (age 18, male, born MA)
Ann M. Seaver (age 16, female, born MA)

I believe that this Christopher in the 1860 census is the one who married Mary White. What is unclear is if his mother is this Susan Seaver, or is it a Hannah ____ listed in the marriage record. Note that the ages don't match perfectly. Alex K noted in another note on the Seaver Genforum that this Christopher's gravestone said he was born in 1843. So he lied about his age to an older woman?

The marriage records (MA VRs 190.153) also show: William J. Seaver (age 26, resident of Boston, engineer, born in Boston, son of Hammond and Susan (Haverstock) Seaver, first marriage) married Abby W. Belding (age 18, resident of Concord, born Boston, daughter of John and Abby (Warren) Belding, first marriage) in Concord MA on 13 Sep 1866.

This provides Susan (Haverstock) Seaver's maiden name, and while it's a secondary source, it is probably correct. This also implies that all of the children in the 1860 census record are Susan's, including Christopher.

The Chelsea MA VR book to 1850 lists the following:

Susan (____) Seaver, wife of Hammond, born 22 Apr 1813 (graveyard 3 record)
William J. Seaver, son of Hammond and Susan, born 10 May 1840 (graveyard 3 record)

Unfortunately, their death dates are not recorded! [only because they were not before 1850?]

The 1850 census index does not show a Susan Seaver (or spelling variants) in MA.

In the 1840 census, there are two Hammond Seaver families residing in Boston:

1. In Boston 11th ward, the Hammond Seaver family has one male aged 50-60, one male aged 15-20, two males aged 10-15, and females, one aged 40-50, one aged 20-30, and one aged 15-20.

2. In Boston 3rd ward, the Hammond Seaver family has one male aged 30-40, two males aged 0-5, and one female aged 30-40.

I believe that family #2 is Hammond and Susan Seaver, with at least one of the young males being William (born 1840).

Family #1 is that of Hammond and Amelia (Adams) Seaver. This Hammond was born in 1788 to Ichabod and Rebecca (Richardson) Seaver, and probably died before 1850. In the 1850 US census for South Reading MA (LDS microfilm 0,443,543), p.259, family #160:

George A. Seaver (age 22, male, shoemaker, born MA)
Susan W. Seaver (age 19, female, born MA)
Howard Seaver (age 21, male, shoemaker, born MA)
Amelia Seaver (age 56, female, born MA)
Mary Seaver (age 29, female, born MA)
A.J. Seaver (age 5/12, female, born MA)

The Amelia in this record is probably the Amelia Adams who married Hammond Seaver. The ages of the children in the 1840 census record don't match all of the people in the 1850 census record, but it's likely that George, Howard and Mary are children of Hammond and Amelia (Adams) Seaver. Susan is the wife of George Seaver, whose maiden name was Bowman. If Mary is Amelia's daughter, then Hammond and Amelia married before 1821.

In the 1830 US census (LDS Microfilm 0,337,923, page 367), the Hammond Seaver family in Boston 10th ward has:

One male aged 40-50, one male aged 5-10, two males aged 0-5, one female aged 40-50, one female aged 30-40, one female aged 10-15, and one female aged 5-10. This is consistent with the 1840 ages.

We still don't have a lead on the parents of the younger Hammond Seaver. Some people think that he is the son of the elder Hammond and Amelia. I am not willing to make that connection yet. The younger Hammond was born between 1800 and 1810 according to his age 30-40 in the 1840 census. Amelia was born about 1794 if her age 56 in 1850 is correct. That would put her at age 16 in 1810 if she is the younger Hammond's mother. The elder Hammond could be the younger Hammond's father, though!

It appears that both Hammond Seaver's died before 1850. Are there death records for Boston available between 1840 and 1850? I have searched the MA VRs but found nothing there. I have not looked for probate records for the two elusive Hammond Seavers.

I am still looking for data on this family, so don't give up hope.

If anyone has additional data, please contact me!

Thanks -- Randy