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Subject:Richland Co - Records for Killian Baptist Church 1840's - 1930 / Help w/ GOFF
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I've been trying to find the name & ancestors of an elderly aunt by marriage at her request. She grew-up in a orphanage after losing first her mother & then abt. 8 yrs later, her father.

Several family members are in the Killian Baptist Church Cemetery aka Crane Creek Cemetery so I think this may have been their church. If so, I might find some trace of them in church or cemetery records.

Does anyone know where or if records for the Killian Baptist Church are available?

I'd also like to access the burial records for the cemetery associated with the Church & known as the Killian Baptist Church Cemetery aka Crane Creek Cemetery during the period 1880 - 1911.

I feel these church/cemetery records may be my last hope for finding the actual name of our Aunt's maternal grandfather & thus her maternal ancestors.

Our aunt was 90y when I started this & is now 94yrs so I really am frantic to see if I can give her insight into her mother's family before she herself becomes an ancestor.

Since I'm several states away & on a somewhat limited budget, my most viable options for looking at any sort of records are internet, Family Search on line and FHL films. I don't really have the budget to pay some of the fees that some libraries & historic groups now charge for genealogy help.

Our Aunt's father's families used to have a family reunion in the summer in Columbia which she & her family would make the trip to whenever they could...a major undertaking in the era before interstate highways. That family was the JONES clan.

But her mother's side, GOFF, was a mystery and still is to a large degree.

I should also note because of all the black & mulatto families with JONES & GOFF names, that this family was white which will narrow things down a bit.

Our Aunt's father didn't know his father-in-law's name so "Mr. Goff" was entered on his wife's death certificate for a father's name.

Her parents were married in 1912 by a Justice of the Peace & at that period of time, parents' names for the bridal couple weren't required and none are entered on their marriage license.

The GOFF"s were from Upper Township so far as I've been able to determine though specifically, where in the twp, I haven't been able to find out.

I've only 2 censuses for our Aunt's maternal grandparents.

1880, Upper Township, Richland Co, SC where it's unclear what her grandfather's name was - Hinson, Hickson or Hickman b. abt. 1845 SC.

The family unit in 1880 was Hinson/Hickson/Hickman 35y, b. SC, parents b. SC; Catherine 25y, wife, b. SC, parents b. SC; Sevilla 8y, dau, b. SC; Samuel 5y, son, b. SC; Theodore 2y, son, b. SC & John Carrol 3 mos, son, b. SC.

Born after that were were Estelle, our Aunt's mother, in 1890 and another brother, William b. abt. 1883.

The Soundex Index Cards for the 1880 census shed little light on a name. There the person creating the card interpreted his name as "Hickman."

Before 1880, I can find no trace of this man as Goff, Gauf, Gough, Gaugh & Gouff or any other variation I could think of. I've considered that maybe he was going by his middle name rather than his given name on the 1880 census.

By the 1900 census, Upper Township, Hinson/Hickson/Hickman was apparently deceased as his wife, Catherine nee HAWKINS, is listed as a widow. And, I'm also having trouble finding Catherine aka Katherine before marriage/1880.

I tried following our Aunt's mother Estelle JONES nee GOFF's siblings to see if maybe I could learn their father's name via one of them.

I can't find siblings Sevilla or Theodore on the 1900 census.

Brother William H. I think may have died in the 1890's sometime but I can't prove it yet. It's just something I'd seen in a tree with no sourcing on line but like his siblings above, I've yet to find a trace of him on the 1900 census so it might be true that he died.

Samuel I found in Wayne Co, Georgia & have corresponded with descendants. They know little about Samuel's birth family but did know he'd been from Columbia, SC. Samuel's death certificate which one of them looked at for me ($25 if I'd had to order it) gives his father's name as "William S. Goff" and doesn't say who Samuels' mother was.

Samuel had a brother William (above) so it seems like the informant could possibly have confused his brother for his father since the GA family says they didn't know much about Samuel's birth family. Samuel & wife Lilla McGauley were married by a Justice of the Peace and their marriage license, which I have, didn't ask for/require parents' names and none are named on it.

Brother John Carrol I have a DC for. His widowed daughter Lena (aka Kathleen) Anderson was the informant and she reported that her father's father was named John Goff and gives her father's mother as Katherine Goff.

I haven't found a marriage for John Carrol Goff to his wife Mary Elizabeth Grimsley yet. Based on Lena's approx. birth year of 1908, marriage was likely abt. 1906 or 1907. Both of these years are too early to find on line via but based on the marriage license of sister Estelle in 1912 which didn't ask for or require parents' names, a marriage license issued earlier than 1912 most probably wouldn't include parents' names either.

I've tried searching censuses several ways - wildcards, first name, surnames, no names, soundex, etc & limiting by county and/or birth year range. Nothing.

I've run searches on Ancestry & Family Search a number of ways using all the surname variations I've encounter so far - Nothing.

I've checked out cemeteries on Find A Grave although on that site the limits to what is found there are what has been submitted to a database by contributors. I know about the burials in Killian Baptist Church Cemetery as some of the memorials are either ones I created or ones that were transfered to me. Again, nothing.

I've checked all the cemetery burial transcriptions on the Richland Co. Gen Web site for Goff as well as any of the other topics there that contained names. No leads on Hinson/Hickson/Hickman Goff.

So, having checked all of these places & ways, you can understand why I think church & cemetery records may be my last hope.

A burial record for Catherine or one of the missing children - Sevilla, Theodore & William - might mention their spouse/father was. And possibly lead to a burial for him as well.

Church records for funerals or a baptism might also lead me to discover the real name for Hinson/Hickson/Hickman.

Can anyone help?