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Subject:Charles Webb, overseer for William Ezell in Brunswick, VA in 1787
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1787 Brunswick County -- Tax List A (North of the Meherrin River)

(This is not a complete list -- just names that seem familiar. The names are in random order, not alphabetical order, which means that their location does not mean anything.)

These questions were answered.
Col. 1 = number of white males above 16, but under 21.
Col. 2 = number of black under 16.
Col. 3 = number of horses, mares, colts, and mules.
Col. 4 = number of cattle.

William Allen

John Birdsong (No sons between 16-21. One black above 16. One below 16. Three horses or mules. Six cattle.)

Freeman Birdsong
William Briggs
Samuel Briggs

Col. Nicholas Edmunds (39 slaves, 9 horses or mules, 40 cattle.)

Benjamin Freeman
Hamlin Freeman
Ar. Freeman
Joseph Roach with Theo. Fields Estate
Benjamin Goodrich
Edward Goodrich
Edward Goodrich, Jr.
William Garner
Nathaniel Harrison

Henry Harrison (Estate) (8 blacks above 16. 5 blacks below 16. 4 horse or mules. 28 cattle.)

Benjamin Hancock
Turner Hunt
James Jordan
William M. Johnston
Freeman Jordan
Richard Briggs
John Briggs
Meritt Birdsong
James Birdsong
Gray Edmunds

Elizabeth Briggs (One son between 16 and 21. Five blacks above 16. Nine blacks below 16. Five horses or mules. 22 Cattle. One riding chair.)

John Clayton (Five slaves, three mules or horses, 14 cattle.)

John Camp
William Collier
Dr. Thomas Carter

Ishmael Dunn (No sons between 16 and 21. Six blacks above 16. Nine below sixteen. Six horses or mules. 22 Cattle.)

Thomas Dunn (One black above 16. One horse or mule.)

John Gilliam, (Has no sons between 16 and 21. He has 13 blacks above 16. He has 22 blacks under 16. He has 8 horses or mules. He has 43 cattle.)

Hinchia Gilliam, (Has no sons between 16 and 21. He has one black under 16. He has one horse of mule. He has no cattle.)

Balaam Ezell (Has no sons between 16 and 21. Has no blacks over 16. He has one black under 16. He has 2 horse or mules. He has 2 cattle.)

Charles Edmunds (24 slaves, seven horses or mules, 32 cattle, one riding chair.)

Sterling Edmunds (40 slaves, 8 horses or mules, 36 cattle, one riding chair.)

John Flood Edmunds (No sons between 16 and 21. Eleven blacks above 16. Eleven blacks below 16. Six mules or horses. 45 cattle.)

Thomas Edmunds (14 blacks above 16. 16 blacks below 16. 9 horses or mules. 38 cattle. One riding chair.)

Gray Edmunds
Lucy Stith
Griffin Stith with Drury Stith
Edmund Stith
James Vaughan
James Vaughan
William Vaughan, Sr.
William Vaughan, Jr.
George Vaughan
Harwood Vaughan
John White
Peter Wynn
Charles Williams
John Wall

Brunswick County, Virginia -- Tax List B (South of the Meherrin River) Meherrin Parish -- District of James Fletcher, Commissioner

William Allen (of Surry) (57 slaves, 7 horses or mules, 68 cattle.)
Sterling Capell, as overseer with William Allen

William Allen (of Surry) (69 slaves, 17 horses or mules, 49 cattle.)
John Moss, as overseer with William Allen.

Burwell Barker
Thomas Bathshears (no slaves. I horse or mule. 5 cattle.)
Thomas Bathshears, Jr. (no slaves. One horse.)
Jeremiah Bently
John Barker
Hinchey Barker
John Cato

Howell Chappell (Prince George) (7 slaves, 2 horses or mules, 15 cattle.)

Simone Clements
George Collier
John Dupree
Thomas Delbridge
Joseph Davis
James Edmunds
John Edmunds
Joseph Ezell
Stephen Ellis
Buckner Ezell

Thomas Claiborne (36 slaves, 13 horses or mules, 27 cattle, a four-wheeled carriage, and a license to operate an ordinary.)

William Ezell, (Has two sons at home between 16 and 21. He has 2 blacks above 16. He has no blacks under 16. He has 2 horses or mules. He has 13 cattle. He pays the taxes for his overseer, Charles Webb.)
Charles Webb, as overseer with William Ezell

Archebill Ezell
John Ezell
Thomas Edmunds
Benjamin Ezell
Davis Ezell
Jesse Freeman
Edward Freeman
John Garner
Samuel Garner
Briggs Goodrich
Jesse Hirt, charged to Micajah Webb
Micajah Webb, Jr.
Wyatt Gillam
James Vaughun
Randolph Vaughun
John Vick, Sr.
John Vick
Howell Vick
John Williamson
Joseph Williamson
Benjamin Warren
William Walton
Sarah Washington
Isaac Walton
John Walton, Sr.
John Walton, Jr.
Daniel Walton
William Ward
Rowland Williams
John Longbottom
William L Longbottom with John Longbottom
William Mason
Nathaniel Mason
Owen Myrick
Matthew Myrick
Henry Mangum
Joseph Mason
Sarah Mason, widow
Christopher Mason
John Moss
Richard Mason
John Mason
Thomas Marriot, Sr.
Thomas Marriot, Jr.
David Moss
Meridith Moss
John Nicholson
William Owens
Joel Prince
Littleberry Robertson
James Rawlins
Nathaniel Robertson
William Robertson
William Rainey
Drury Walton
David Walton
Thomas Walton
Henry Walton

John Webb (has one son with him between 16 and 21) He has a total of seven blacks. Two of them are above the age of 16. He has three horse or mules. He has 5 cattle.

Stephen White with Blumore? White.

Edmund Webb (has no sons between 16 and 21. He has 3 blacks above 16 and 8 below 16. He has 8 horse or mules and at least 20 cattle.)

Micajah Webb (has no sons at home between 16-21. He has 4 blacks above 16 and 7 below. He has 3 horses or mules and 35 cattle.

On June 22, the following people were visited by the tax man. This indicates that these people lived in close proximity to each other.

Thomas Claiborne
William Ezell
Patrick Hall
Benjamin Jackson
John Jeffries
Shadrack Jeffries
John Mason
Richard Mason
William Mason
John Moss
William Rainey
Charles Webb

The next day, June 23, the tax man visited these:

Elizabeth Adams
William Allen
Sterling Capell
Elizabeth Heathesek?
Simon Lane
Lockett Mitchell
James Rawlings

On the 23rd, which may have been the same day.

John Cato
Hale Clauton
Jesse Hirt
Micajah Webb
Micajah Webb, Jr.
Richard Woodroof
These neighbors have only question marks by their names.
John Moss
Daniel Walton
George Walton
Henry Walton
John Walton, Jr.
Thomas Washington
Edmund Webb
John Webb
John White with George Woodroof
Blumore White
George White
Stephen White
John Barker
Hinchey Barker
William Allen
Thomas Bathshears, Jr.
William Batt

On June 24th:

Presley Garner
William Gee
Frederick Huskey
Lewis Jackson