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I couldn't find any Keesley in the Anderson County Book-of-the-Dead. I did find one buried in Oconee County. It could be that somewhere along the line the "l & y" got dropped.

C188,KEESE, Bessie Crawford, b.1883, d.1967, double marker with elijah bibb
C99,KEESE, Cathrine Bibb, b. 14-sept-1796, d.10-mar-1883, h. john keese,
C99,KEESE, Celia Stepp, no dates, h. elijah keese
C188,KEESE, Edward Martin, b.1915C, d.30-oct-1994, p. elijah bibb & bess mahala
crawford keese, w. minnie lee keese
C99,KEESE, Elijah, b.20-apr-1766, d.1-nov-1850, w. celia stepp,
C188,KEESE, Elijah Bibb, b.1876, d.1943, double marker with bessie crawford
C176,KEESE, Estella E. (negro), no dates
C188,KEESE, infant son of R.E., no dates
C99,KEESE, John, b.21-june-1796, d.8-aug-1862, w. carhrine bibb,
C188,KEESE, John Perry, b.1-nov-1869, d.20-sept-1913, beside soula reeder keese,
C176,KEESE, Leonard (negro), b.1885, d.7-aug-1964, a. 79y,
C10,KEESE, M. Almeda Craig, b.2-may-1913, d.23-mar-1953, beside wm. thomas
C188,KEESE, Margarette, b.16-apr-1909, d.11-june-1910, p. e.b. & b.m. keese,
C143,KEESE, Mark Stanford (negro), b.1975c, d.15-may-1999, mother: edna, father:
late charles morris
C188,KEESE, Minnie Lee Gaines, b.1914c, d.31-mar-1999, p. fitzhugh lee & sally
shirley gaines, h. edward martin keese
C99,KEESE, Nancy Martin Harrison, b.28-feb-1847, d.20-feb-1914, h. thomas bibb
C188,KEESE, Omie Loftis, b.2-oct-1886, d.4-oct-1970, double marker with robert
edwin keese,
C188,KEESE, Robert Edwin, b.5-june-1880, d.27-dec-1919, double marker with omie
loftis keese,
C188,KEESE, Samuel Crawford, b.25-aug-1912, d.14-jan-1913, p. e.b. & b.m. keese,
C143,KEESE, Savannah S. (negro), b.8-aug-1895, d.8-jan-1981
C188,KEESE, Soula Reeder, b.29-aug-1878, d.11-july-1960, beside john perry
C99,KEESE, Thomas Bibb, b.12-feb-1836, d.14-sept-1911
C10,KEESE, William Thomas, b.29-oct-1910, d.19-nov-1966, beside m. almeda craig
C139,KEESLEY, Sue (negro), 31-jan-1975, only date

c139 = Oak Grove Memorial in Seneca SC