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Subject:Webb burials marked in Anderson, S.C.
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112, WEBB, Adolphus Clark, b.09-01-1855, d.04-07-1941, w. matilda t williams

112, WEBB, B.F., b.10-18-1845, d.05-05-1910, w. mary e. george

044, WEBB, Bessie O., b.06-22-1885, d.08-06-1906, p. w.g. & mary a.e. webb

???, WEBB, C.B., b., d.11-24-1847, a. 36 (anderson gazette)

083, WEBB, C.L., b., d., co g/22 sc inf/csa

112, WEBB, Caroline, b., d., a. 34

112, WEBB, Charles, b.10-02-1854, d.03-21-1932, w. hattie m.

001, WEBB, Charles B., b.08-10-1810, d.11-28-1847

064, WEBB, Charles Oscar, b.05-27-1880, d.12-27-1956, w. julia white

138, WEBB, Charlie L., b.07-01-1908, d.05-16-1945

008, WEBB, Clayton D., b.05-03-1873, d.09-21-1948, w. eva mcalister

116, WEBB, Corrie, b.02-11-1870, d.06-25-1934, h. felix b. martin

044, WEBB, D. Baker, b.01-23-1858, d.11-25-1914, joined bap. Ch. 1886/deacon 1892

064, WEBB, D.B (Dee), b.04-05-1893, d.08-19-1956, h. hilary b. martin

064, WEBB, Dayton, b.02-20-1859, d.07-27-1922, w. nannie martin

112, WEBB, Edmond Warren, b., d., a. 31

112, WEBB, Edmund, b.06-10-1787 d.11-01-1864, w. martha emerson

064, WEBB, Edward Warren, b.03-20-1827, d.02-04-1899, shirley swillen reports d. should be 02-04-1899

112, WEBB, Elijah, b.01-13-1806, d.08-24-1873, w. caroline

006, WEBB, Ella, b.11-27-1871, d.02-20-1925, h. e.a. johnston

044, WEBB, Ella M., b.04-24-1876, d.01-13-1906, p. w.g. & mary a.e. webb

088, WEBB, Emmie, b.08-07-1878, d.07-09-1960, h. george hiott reeve

006, WEBB, Erie, b.06-20-1879, d.01-13-1849, h. luther webb

064, WEBB, Eugene, b.05-26-1869, d.06-09-1912

093, WEBB, Eugenia W., b.11-15-1859, d.07-06-1932, h. thomas w. webb

098, WEBB, Fannie Ashley O'Dell, b.1917, d.1962

097, WEBB, Florrie Louise, b.03-01-1872, d.12-06-1953, h. eugene webb

064, WEBB, Gladys Myrtle, b.08-27-1901, d.02-21-1963

112, WEBB, Harold Robinson, b.12-06-1891, d.02-12-1915, p. r.c. & l.s. webb

045, WEBB, Hasolene, b.10-22-1921, d.02-01-1951, h. l.c. scarborough

112, WEBB, Hattie M., b.05-18-1857, d.07-12-1914, h. charles webb

006, WEBB, J. Allen, b.09-05-1875, d.10-22-1933

044, WEBB, J. Oliver, b.08-12-1879, d.07-24-1954, w. sadie haynie

129, WEBB, James, b.09-08-1813, d.10-02-1888, w. nancy

112, WEBB, James M., b.07-21-1888, d.05-13-1939

138, WEBB, Janie H., b.05-22-1881, d.

064, WEBB, Jessie W., b.07-30-1874, d.11-28-1954, h. william c. webb

088, WEBB, John Marshall, b.08-06-1838, d.11-13-1904

044, WEBB, John Thomas, b.08-20-1841, d.07-08-1862, p. s.m. & caroline webb

064, WEBB, John Wilkes, b.08-08-1869, d.09-11-1923, w. sudie spearman

064, WEBB, Julia Caroline Martin, b.07-14-1841, d.05-27-1924

112, WEBB, Julia D., b.12-01-1839, d.04-13-1926, h. capt. john w. daniels

112, WEBB, Julia Rebecca, b.12-17-1858, d.03-08-1938, h. j.h. von hasslin

112, WEBB, Kate B., b.1875, d.1931, h. william webb sr

098, WEBB, Lena E., b.03-06-1885, d.09-08-1955

116, WEBB, Lida, b.1882, d.1954, h. w. roswell shirley

064, WEBB, Lottie L., b.08-09-1908, d.08-22-1931

001, WEBB, Louise Caroline, b.12-04-1828, d.10-12-1895

098, WEBB, Lucius H., b.04-15-1873, d.06-09-1945

006, WEBB, Luther, b.08-09-1879, d.06-10-1951, w. erie

064, WEBB, Margaret C., b.08-20-1820, d.05-01-1874, h. j.n. wilson

129, WEBB, Margaret Elizabeth, b.11-19-1848, d.08-12-1900, h. joseph watson

129, WEBB, Marion, b.07-24-1852, d.04-03-1925, h. wm. g. mcwhorter

006, WEBB, Martha, b.02-28-1853, d.02-22-1903

043, WEBB, Martha A., b.08-25-1800, d.05-13-1878, h. dr. edward webb

154, WEBB, Martha E., b.06-06-1860, d.10-28-1890, h. h.r. mcgill

092, WEBB, Mary Agnes, b.11-11-1838, d.01-13-1895, h. thomas r. simpson

044, WEBB, Mary C., b.02-12-1848, d.12-19-1912, h. e. baskin hall

006, WEBB, Mary Etta, b.09-18-1878, d.04-17-1900

112, WEBB, Mildred Lillian, b.05-14-1864, d.02-08-1941, h. robinson cornelius webb

088, WEBB, Minnie, b.09-07-1882, d.07-01-1962, h. a walker spearman

064, WEBB, Mollie, b.1862, d.1955, h. james w. white

129, WEBB, Nancy, b.02-23-1809, d.11-14-1876, h. james webb

044, WEBB, Nancy J.E., b.09-10-1867, d.03-03-1940, h. loronzo d. young

064, WEBB, Nannie Martin, b.03-30-1867, d.07-31-1916

???, WEBB, Rebecca, b., d.01-24-1848, consort of elijah webb

112, WEBB, Robert C., b.03-14-1866, d.10-09-1944

071, WEBB, Robert L., b.10-02-1877, d.07-06-1909

112, WEBB, Robinson Cornelius, b.01-16-1857, d.04-20-1915, w. mildred lillian

112, WEBB, Rosa, b.11-20-1854, d.07-05-1912, h. charles foster jones

112, WEBB, Rosa H., b.09-29-1915, d.07-20-1900

138, WEBB, Ruby, b.11-02-1902, d.1963

071, WEBB, Ruth, b.08-09-1875, d.06-27-1949, h. john h. wallace

044, WEBB, S.M., b.07-08-1817, d.03-27-1893, w. elenor long

064, WEBB, Sallie E., b.07-15-1838, d.05-20-1863, h. dr. john hopkins

039, WEBB, Sam, b.02-18-1886, d.11-26-1944, w. vera l.

071, WEBB, Samantha, b.01-07-1867, d.02-12-1936, wife of c.e. johnson & r.h. heaton

112, WEBB, Thomas Jefferson, b.04-04-1829, d.01-18-1919, w. elizabeth f. williamson

064, WEBB, Thomas L., b.10-15-1861, d.04-26-1946, w. mary jane watkins

093, WEBB, Thomas W., b.10-25-1855, d.10-15-1921, w. eugenia w.

097, WEBB, Vernon Eugene, b.10-21-1903, d.11-05-1950

083, WEBB, W.A., b.07-12-1870, d.03-01-1918, w. lillian mollie axmann

064, WEBB, W.C., b.09-24-1887, d.07-02-1942

112, WEBB, Waller Nardin, b.07-19-1888, d.11-22-1958, w. effie burton

064, WEBB, Walter W., b.02-12-1907, d.03-25-1936

064, WEBB, Warren H., b.05-11-1833, d.02-19-1860

001, WEBB, Warren Robinson, b.11-01-1802, d.03-29-1858

045, WEBB, Wayman C., b.10-10-1934, d.04-30-1964, w. olga hicks

112, WEBB, William (Sr.), b.1871, d.1938, w. kate b.

064, WEBB, William C., b.05-31-1866, d.09-05-1943, w. jessie w.

044, WEBB, William G., b.01-11-1850, d.11-06-1925, w. mary a.e. long

112, WEBB, William M. (Jr.), b.1911, d.1948

006, WEBB, Willie H., b.11-24-1850, d.05-28-1908

115, WEBB, Willie R., b.11-25-1903, d.07-02-1959, w. amanda s.

138, WEBB, Zora, b.02-12-1906, d.08-20-1946

William Webb died 1852 and Betsy Guyton Webb died 1866. They are buried at Old Hopewell Cemetery in unmarked graves.
William Webb b 1790 in Virginia was a son of Charles and Delilah Ezell Webb. Charles Webb came from Virginia to South Carolina and lived just below Portman Shoals.

Charles Guyton Webb died while a confederate soldier serving in virginia. "Doc" Webb, brother of Charles, buried him at a little church called "Bunker Hill" beside the Potomac.

The Pendleton Messenger of South CarolinaFrom the issue of November 16, 1831

The following notice announced the death of Charles Webb:
(transcribed exactly from the original by Charles Williams, July 2007)
At his residence, on Deep Creek, in this District, on the 11th instant, MR. CHARLES WEBB, aged almost 64 years. The deceased was a good neighbour and respectable citizen, a kind husband, an affectionate parent, and mild master. He had been, for almost 30 years a member of the Baptist Church, and often expressed a strong assurance of his acceptance, through the Redeemer, when he might be called to render up his stewardship. He has left and aged widow, and numerous family of children and other friends to lament at their irreparable loss.

Some commentary:
His will had been prepared in 1828, indicating that he knew he had a serious health problem.He was sixty-three / almost 64. That helps narrow down the year of his birth.

Almost thirty years in the Baptist Church. In 1801 the Charles Webb family lived on Brown's Creek in the Union District. Most likely they were became members of the Brown's Creek Baptist Church. It sounds like he enjoyed testimony time.

"Affectionate parent" - that is a warm thought.

"Mild master" - He was a slave owner. It's hard for some to believe that there were slave masters who tried to treat their slaves right and had a good relationship with them.

We appreciate Charles Williams for looking this up. It reveals more than the condensed book on the Pendleton Messenger