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Subject:Seymour Sauve BD 2/6/1898
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Re: Seymour Sauve request by: Thomas Sauve-son of Danny Sauve-you are my cousin's son, so that makes us "once removed" or something. Very excited to see your posting! I was interested in genealogy when my grandfather, Seymour Bartholomew Sauve was alive, but due to "family skeletons," he was never very forthcoming. I just began researching the family again and am very fortunate to live in Utah, as the largest family history library is in Salt Lake. This is what I found this weekend: you can find your grandfather, Paul, and my father, Lorance, (this is how it was spelled by Seymour) in the 1930 census, but it's under the name Sauter and it lists Seymour as a "button sawyer"-he worked in the Button Factory in Rochester, (across the st. from Kodak on Lake Ave.) Seymour was married to Josephine, born 9/8/1900. Her maiden name was Kaisch, but originally "Napiontek" ?spelling-Polish and was changed to a more German sounding name to be accepted. Rose was your grandfather, Paul's sister, but not sure she was Seymour's daughter. All this was very "hush-hush"-never discussed and I never met Rose. My understanding is that she lived with Josephine's mother. When I lived in Rochester, I got a copy of my grand-parents marriage certificate and they were married at Immaculate Conception Church in 1935-13 years after my father was born. I don't know if that means they were first married in a civil ceremony and my grandmother had to get an annulment before being married in a Catholic church. I was going to write Uncle Paul, but you may have better luck, as we hardly know each other, (there was some problem between my mother, Alice and your grandmother, Mary, so the families NEVER saw each other, except in passing @ holiday meals-ask your dad, he'll know what I mean)anyway, ask Paul if he knows what happened to Great Aunt May's genealogy records. She was Seymour's sister, Jeanette-AKA May and she had gathered some records-I have no idea what happened to them. I also would love any info on Minnie-Seymour's mother. The story went that she left his dad, Angus and moved to New York City. Papa-Seymour went to look for her when he was 12 or 13-don't know if he ever found her. Angus Sauve was the son of Benjamine and Sholastic Sauve of Ottawa, Canada - you can find them in the Canadian census of 1881 (Angus born in 1879 in the US, but in the Canadian census-perhaps he and his youngest sister were born here to make them US citizens.) As you saw on the 1900 census, Angus was a barber. His father was a "forgeron" or blacksmith. Benjamin continued to live in Ottawa, as I saw his name in the early phonebooks. I found 2 death certificates in the early 1900's, the one I think is his lists his father as Jean Baptiste and his mother as Marie Ursule Lalonde. If this is correct, you can find Benjamen in the 1851 Canadian census with his father as "Babtiste" born in 1793 and a widower and farmer @ the time of the census. This lists his birthdate as 1839 and not 1842 as noted in the 1881 census. If you find out any more information let me know. By the way, Dan will know me as his cousin, Barbara, (I changed my name to Laura after my father's death in 1980.) If he doesn't remember me, he should know my sister, Joanne, who did keep in touch with his father and some of his sisters.