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After eight years of arduous travel and work, they returned successful to Quebec, and settled down. Olivier Le Tardiff, who continued working for the company and Champlain, was promoted to head clerk of the company, an important position analogous to Secretary-Treasurer, the second most important position in the company. Olivier kept up his friendship with Manitouabeoich. This is apparent from his adoption of M's daughter, to whom he gave his first name for her middle name: Marie Olivier Sylvestre. (See notes on her also.)

In 1637 he married Louise Couillard, a mere slip of a girl of twelve. She was the daughter of Guillaume Couillard and Guillemette Hebert. About this time, Olivier became the Commissioner General of The Hundred Associates of Quebec. At the request of Manitouabeoich he and Louise adopted Marie, who was ten, and tutored her at home, sent her to the Ursulines to be instructed in Catholicism, and to become educated. Olivier and Louise were also her god-parents. Louise died at the very young age of sixteen in 1641. Seven years later - a very long widowhood by standards of the day - Olivier LeTardiff married Barbe Emard.

She was reported to be Huron.
+       2       i.       MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, born 1632 in Montreal; died Sep 10, 1665 in Hotel-Dieu, Quebec. (First hospital in North America.)

Generation No. 2

       2. MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH (ROCH1) was born 1632 in Montreal, and died Sep 10, 1665 in Hotel-Dieu, Quebec. She married MARTIN PREVOST Nov 3, 1644 in Quebec, son of PIERRE PREVOST and CHARLOTTE VIEN. He was born 1611 in Bobigny, Archev. Paris (Sein-St-Denis), France, and died Jan 26, 1690/91 in Beauport or Batiscan, Quebec.

When Marie was 10 years old her father an Algonkian convert to Christianity, asked his old friend Olivier Le Tardiff to legally adopt his daughter. He asked that she be educated, taught the ways of Christianity, that she be baptized, and that a marriage to a respectable French man be arranged.
Manitouabeoich's daughter was thus adopted by Olivier Le Tardiff, by now an important man in Quebec and second in command of the fur trade he helped establish, and his young wife; and Marie and went to live with them in Quebec. There she was tutored at home for a year or so, and no doubt learned how the French lived. Then she was enrolled in the girl's school nearby run by the Ursuline sisters of the church. Remember this was about 1638. At this time, MOST people of either sex were not educated in early Canada, and certainly few Indians -- although at the Indian missions, especially in Maine, some of the boys were taught to read.

She was baptized in time as a Catholic, and her original name, lost to history, was changed to Marie Olivier Sylvestre. Marie was for the Virgin Mary; Olivier, after her adopted father's first name (a custom of the time); and Sylvestre, to indicate she came from the forest. At the ripe old age of 12, she was married to a decent gentleman of 33 years, Martin Prevost, a friend of Olivier's.

Martin Prevost, also spelled Provost, arrived sometime after 1639 in Quebec. He came under a commission from the Compaignie des Cents Associes (Company of One-Hundred Associates). He obtained land in Beauport west of the Montmorency Falls. Not sure what he was hired to do. Martin was a friend of Olivier Le Tardiff, and no doubt how he came to marry Marie.

Three months after Marie's death, Martin remarried Marie D'Abancour, the widow of Godfroy Guillot. Today this would seem very hasty, but in Quebec in the 1600s there was a very small population, life was hard and often short, and being married was heavily promoted by the church. Remember, too, that Martin had five young children, one but a tiny infant, and Marie D'Abancour was a widow who probably needed some assistance herself. Martin lived to be 80 years old. The Hotel Dieu where he died was the first hospital in North America, and run by Ursuline nuns, who were a nursing order.

Marie and Martin married in 1640. This was the first recorded marriage between Indian and French in Canada, according to Tanguay.

They had eight children. They knew real tragedy, losing three young children ithe same year, in 1661: a twelve year old girl in January, and a both a six year old girl and a four year old boy on the same day, March 16th, in 1661. There must have been an epidemic, and the children, who were half Indian, would have been more susceptible to European diseases. Marie Olivier died in September 1665, three months after giving birth to her last child, Therese. She was only 37 years old. I imagine she had just been hanging on after losing three children within a three month period a few years before.

They had two children they named Jean-Baptiste. We are descended from the first one, who married Marie Girou or Giroux.

+       3       i.       Marie-Madeleine3 Prevost* I, born Dec 28, 1647; died Dec 6, 1700.
       4       ii.       Ursule Prevost, born Dec 14, 1649; died 1661.
+       5       iii.       Louis Prevost, born 1651 in Quebec; died May 27, 1686 in Beauport, Quebec.
       6       iv.       Marie-Madeleine Prevost II, born Jan 13, 1654/55; died Mar 16, 1660/61.
Notes for Marie-Madeleine Prevost* II:
Marie Madeleine died the same day as her little brother, Antoine,just 2 months after her sister Ursule died, too. Ursule was 12, Marie-Madeleine was 6, and Antoine was 4. My guess is there was a smallpox epidemic, which was devastating to everyone in those days, but especially to Indians -- and these children were half Indian.
       7       v.       Antoine Prevost born Oct 23, 1657; died Mar 16, 1660/61.
       8       vi.       Jean Prevost, born Feb 14, 1659/60. He married Francoise Leblanc 1680.
+       9       vii.       JEAN-BAPTIST PREVOST, born Jun 24, 1662.
+       10       viii.       Therese Prevost, born Jun 3, 1665.

Generation No. 3

       3. Marie-Madeleine3 Prevost I (MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born Dec 28, 1647, and died Dec 6, 1700. She married Michel Aubin-de-Tourouvre Jun 11, 1670 in St. Famille, Quebec, son of Jacques Aubin and Jacquillen Cornilleau. He was born 1638, and died Apr 19, 1688 in St Pierre, Isle D'Orleans, Quebec.

Marriage Notes for Marie-Madeleine Prevost* and Michel Aubin-de-Tourouvre:
This was her second marriage. These children were 1/4 Indian.
Children of Marie-Madeleine Prevost* and Michel Aubin-de-Tourouvre are:
+       11       i.       Pierre4 Aubin-de-Tourouvre, born Nov 20, 1670; died Jul 4, 1742.
+       12       ii.       Joseph Aubin-de-Tourouvre.
       13       iii.       Mathieu Aubin-de-Tourouvre.

       5. Louis3 Prevost (MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born 1651 in Quebec, and died May 27, 1686 in Beauport, Quebec. He married (1) Francoise Gagnon Feb 21, 1671/72 in Chateau Richer, Quebec, daughter of Mathurin Gagnon. He married (2) Marguerite Careau May 27, 1686 in Beauport, Quebec.

Notes for Louis Prevost:
Tanguay noted that Louis Prevost drowned. There were no other details.
Child of Louis Prevost and Francoise Gagnon is:
       14       i.       Marie-Anne4 Prevost. She married (1) Joseph Lamy; died May 16, 1725 in Sorel, Quebec. She married (2) Jean David Nov 4, 1692. She married (3) Clement Langlois Jun 25, 1704.

Notes for Joseph Lamy:
Joseph was the "Marguiller-en-charge," or churchwarden, responsible for all the secular affairs of the church.

       9. JEAN-BAPTIST3 PREVOST (MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born Jun 24, 1662. He married (1) MARIE GIROUX Aug 18, 1683 in Beauport, Quebec, daughter of TOUSSAINT GIROUX and MARIE GODARD. He married (2) Francoise Cadieu May 4, 1690. He married (3) Genevieve Sedilot Feb 3, 1711/12 in St, Foye, Quebec.

They were married on the same day as Marie's brother Michel.
+       15       i.       MARIE-LOUISE CATHERINE4 PREVOST, born Jul 25, 1698.

Child of JEAN-BAPTIST PREVOST and Genevieve Sedilot is:
       16       i.       Marie-Jeanne4 Prevost.

       10. Therese3 Prevost (MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born Jun 3, 1665. She married Michel Giroux Aug 18, 1683 in Beauport, Quebec, son of TOUSSAINT GIROUX and MARIE GODARD. They were married on the same day as Michel's sister, Marie.
Child of Therese Prevost and Michel Giroux is:
       17       i.       Genevieve4 Giroux. She married Francois LeTardiff Nov 22, 1714 in Beauport, Quebec; born Oct 26, 1682 in Quebec.

Generation No. 4

       11. Pierre4 Aubin-de-Tourouvre (Marie-Madeleine3 Prevost I, MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born Nov 20, 1670, and died Jul 4, 1742. He married Marie Paradis Nov 17, 1693, daughter of Jacques Paradis. She died May 12, 1755.

Notes for Marie Paradis:
I think this name became Panadis at St Francois-Du-Lac Mission. Northeast Indians had a hard time saying "R" and always changed it to something else, often "L" or "N". Panadis has been a name in the community for a long time.
Children of Pierre Aubin-de-Tourouvre and Marie Paradis are:
       18       i.       Jean5 Aubin, born Jan 10, 1698/99 in St. Laurent, Isle d'Orleans, Quebec.
       19       ii.       Joseph Aubin. He married Marie-Charlotte Frichet.

       12. Joseph4 Aubin-de-Tourouvre (Marie-Madeleine3 Prevost I, MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) He married Marie-Anne Michaud 1720, daughter of PIERRE MICHAUD and MARIE ANCELIN. She was born Nov 12, 1675.
Child of Joseph Aubin-de-Tourouvre and Marie-Anne Michaud is:
       20       i.       Aubin-de-Tourouvre5.

       15. MARIE-LOUISE CATHERINE4 PREVOST (JEAN-BAPTIST3, MARIE-OLIVIER SYLVESTRE2 MANITOUABEOICH, ROCH1) was born Jul 25, 1698. She married IGNACE ETIENNE SALOIS Nov 25, 1715 in Quebec, Quebec, son of CLAUDE SALOIS-DE-ST-PAUL and ANNE MABILLE. He was born Apr 10, 1683 in St-Laurent, Isle d'Orleans,Montmorency, Quebec, and died May 28, 1737.
       21       i.       Ange Augustin5 Salois, born Jul 11, 1716 in St-Foy, Quebec, Quebec. He married Marguerite Pelissier-Lafeuillade Jan 13, 1739/40 in St-Michel de Yamaska, Quebec.
       22       ii.       Charles Salois, born 1718 in St-Foy, Quebec, Quebec.
       23       iii.       Francois Salois I, born 1718; died 1785. He married Catherine Agathe Laurent-Julien Abt. 1738; born Abt. 1721.
       24       iv.       Dennis Salois, born Mar 19, 1721/22. He married Marie-Francoise Brunet Apr 17, 1752 in St-Foy, Quebec; born Dec 8, 1732 in St-Foy, Quebec.

Notes for Dennis Salois:
His name is sometimes seen as SALOUE.

       25       v.       Antoine Salois I, born Apr 5, 1725 in St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec. He married Madeleine-Marie Rose LaFleur Breza Jul 16, 1753 in St-Michel, Yamaska, Quebec.
       26       vi.       Marie-Louise Salois, born Sep 20, 1725 in St-Francois-Du-Lac, Quebec.
       27       vii.       Genevieve Salois II, born May 26, 1729. She married Gabriel Desrochers II Jan 8, 1751/52 in St. Francois du Lac, Quebec; born Sep 17, 1729.

Notes for Gabriel Desrochers II:
Desrochers is often a "dit" name for Houde or Houle.

       28       viii.       Marie-Josephte Salois, born Jul 12, 1733 in St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec.
       29       ix.       Amable Salois, born 1738 in St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec.
       30       x.       IGNACE SALOIS-DIT-PREVOST, born Jul 11, 1720 in Ste-Foye, Quebec. He married LOUISE-MARGUERITE JOYAL May 31, 1745 in St. Francois-du-Lac [Indian Mission near Quebec] Yamaska; born 1720; died 1797.

Ignace Salois (1720) was christened July 12, 1720 at Ste. Foye, Quebec.