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Thank you Robert for your response, I will give all the information I was able to attain. My post did make more sense but looking it over all the spaces were taken off so I'll fix that now. My Fathers Side I have more information on so it'll probably be easier there to find some links back.
My Mothers Side:
My Mothers Maiden Name is Katarina Beka (now Katarina Lapadat) and she was Born March 29Th, 1959 In Ban. Novo. Selo, she came over when she was 16 so that would've been 1975.
From here on out its all general figures and areas so most of the birth and death dates are not con create, and I'm having trouble getting in touch with my mother again to get some dates like her parents birth and deaths but I will update when she gets back to me. This is all the information she could provide me so if their is anything missing it is because I don't have the information
My mothers Fathers name was Fava Beka who married Ana Rotary born in Lokeve. Fava Beka's Parents were Yota Beka and his mothers name was Tinka which as my mother tells me was the name everyone knew her by and she was born in 1892 and died in 1952. Ana Rotary's dad was Vasa Rotary who was born 1892 and her mother was know as Dochia and was born in 1900 and died 1985. I was told that most of them lived in the same town or surrounding towns to Bon. Nova. Selo.

My Fathers Side:
My Dad's name is Tiberiu Lapadat and he was born in Nicolint, Caras-Severin, Romania on November 17Th 1956 and came over when he was about 18 making it 1975/1976 and him and my mother lived in New York City until about 1987 when they moved to Ridge wood and then moved again to Steelton, Pennsylvania.
His Father was Tiberiu Lapadat Sr and he was born the 29th of May 1921 in Nicolint and died August 18Th 2003 in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania in 1989 was when he changed his address to the Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania and moved and sold his property in New York City. His Fathers name was Pau Lapadat and he was also born in Nicolint in 1899 and died 1979, Tiberiu Lapadat Sr's mothers name was Chita Voicovic and she was born 1900 and i dont have a death date
Tiberu Lapadat (JR) Mother was Anuica Lapadat who was born April 10Th 1925 in Seleus and died April 16Th 2008. Her death was also in Mechanicsburg and her residence should change along with my Grandpas (Tiberiu Lapadat Sr). Her Fathers name was Ion Gutu who was born in Selus ( unshure of proper spelling) in 1909 (unknown death date) and her mothers name was Draga Rujan also born in Seleus in 1900 with unknown death date.

My parents moved to New York in 1975/74 both from Yugoslavia/Romania and were unmarried at the time, they met in the states and married at a young age. My Father's (Tiberiu Lapadat) parents moved over with him and stayed in New York City until 1987 when they moved to Mechanicsburg close to my Parents who moved from New York City to Steelton, PA to Mechanicsburg, PA. My mother's parents moved back and forth and I believe her mom died in 2002 but I'm unsure, for some reason she doesn't like to talk about it. That's all I can give you pretty much.
And that's how I know the Canadian and Californian Lapadat's cant be related to us because we have only been in the states for about 30 years, my siblings and I were the first ones born in the U.S. so they may be related but it would be "a-ways" back.
Thank you for any help you can provide back.