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Bela, the village you refer to was located in the region known in English as TRANSYLVANIA. As I am sure you are aware, Transylvania was part of Hungary until 1918. Following World War I and the break-up of the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, Transylvania was awarded to Romania.

The village known in Hungarian as Bözödújfalu, in German as Neudorf, and in Romanian as Bezidu Nou was actually flooded over in 1988, not in 1980. That was done so suddenly that the inhabitants hardly had time to pack their belongings. I feel quite certain that the records are now to be found in the nearby town called in Romanian Sângeorgiu de Pădure, in Hungarian Erdőszentgyörgy, and in German Sankt Georgen auf der Heide -- (I hope that the Romanian and Hungarian diacritical marks appear all right) -- which is still a majority Hungarian town.

I will mention that that foolish Ceausescu had planned to destroy about 8000 villages in Transylvania, his plan being to industrialize the region and force the people into the larger cities. It just so happens that the villages he had planned to destroy were villages inhabited predominantly by Hungarians and Germans (Transylvanian Saxons). However, just months after Bözödújfalu (Bezidu Nou) was flooded over, Ceausescu was overthrown, thus sparing the other villages the same fate.