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Hi Debby,
I'm still thinking obout your last informations. First; (on her birth registry)
#22. 1883 1883 Todora fn. s. Lazarutiu
la 6/ii la 8/ii Basericos Vasilie f

translation can be Teodora first name Lazarutiu father Vasilie mother Reveca

other details are incompresive for me, maybe if I can see the original I can understand more

Lazarucz Vazulie Horgos Rebeka
gorog Catholikus
Lazarucz Theodora

gorog Catholokus meens greek-catholik (greco-catolic in romanian); this is a link, only till now, that you grand-grandmother Theodora and his origin as Lazariuc has a romanian heritage, only romanians, a part of them, transilvanins, have greek-catholic religions as a try to balance discondance between orthodoxim and catholicism in this part of occupated Europe territory in those times, that gave them right to have schools; that's wy most of romanians of those times were illiterate. So I'm certain now that you grandfather origin in Band are a romanian one. Vazulie is Vasile, Theodora is Teodora, Reveka or Rebeka is Reveca, Hariuca can be Mariuca,Peter is Petru or Petre; this are all romanians first names. In this circumstances Lazariuc seems to be correct, Horgos can be Horgas or Hogas as romanian resonance.
You've said that Teodora had 4 sisters. Supose you don't know anything about them, certian they married and change their names after theirs husbands, so Lazariuc doesen't appear any more, that's the reson I can not find anyone, in the entire county of Mures, not only in Band, with Lazariuc name. Does you grand-grand-grandfather Vasile Lazariuc have any brothers or nephews to carry one the name?

I'll try to dig more and if I find something I'll send to you.
unfortunatly, I do not know hungarian lange either, but many words are familiar to me living here.
Anyway, your grand-grandmother Teodora must been a very beautiful and determined woman.Mixt marriges in those times were not encuraged and having a child as an unmarried women was a serious handicap.

Let me more time to think about it, if you have any other idea tell me, let's talk more, even in time, I believe time resolve anything. It can not be an end. Tell me something as a curiosity: you father is still alive, does he know. for example, in his family, does anyone talk romanian? Every little detail meens something. do not hesitate to ask more, remember all, have faith. Faith gave me strenght to succed. And I succeded knowing less that you know. Talk to ypu soon I hope.Best regard, Rena