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Subject:Reszler/Rosler in Arad, Wiesenhaid and Aradul Nou
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My name is Julien Montagne, I live in France in Bordeaux and I am 25 years old.
I try to find the track of my ancestors native of the Temesvar, in particular towards Arad and new Arad ( Aradu Nou).
I try to establish my family tree And I arrange next dates.
These events took place in the department of Temesvar in the canton of Arad.

- Laurent Dumontier, born in Wiesenhaid ( Ipet / Tisa Noua) on 04/09/1823
- Eve Dumontier, born in Wiesenhaid ( Ipet / Tisa Noua) on 10/08/1830

- ,Marie Anne Dumontier, born Wiesenhaid ( Ipet / Tisa Noua) on 13/05/1826

- Jean-Pierre Dumontier gets married with Eve / Eva Reszler/Roszling/Rosler Reszler/Roszling/Rosler Reszler/Roszling/Rosler Res who took place between 1820 and 1823 to Wiesenhaid or to Arad or to Aradu Nou ( Nouvel Arad).

Eva Reszler was probably the girl of Samuel Rosler listed(counted) in 1828 to Arad in the recencements of the Jews of this time(period) to Arad.(see on jewishgen ,hungarian census)
Seeing that Eva was neighborhood of Arad and been born at about the 1800s, and seen his name and his first name, it is possible that she was of Jewish religion and Jewish origin. That is why I allowed to contact you.

I thank you beforehand for your help and ask you to approve my most distinguished greetings.

Julien Montagne.