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Hello Amy, I just happen to decide looking for Robillards online and came upon your message. There are many avenues to follow to find your ancestors and your origins. I haven't got much on my computer that I can send you. But I have many aunts, uncles and cousins who have done extensive research. The first and ( it seems ) only Robillard to come from Europe ( France) in the 1660's was named Claude , most of the Robillard born in the next 200 years in North america were his decents. He had 3 wives, even though online I have only seen 2 listed. In 1985 ( a few years before) Many of the Robillard living in Quebec decided to start a corporation ( for news , they have a small newsletter)called Robillard Inc. They also organized the 325 anniversary of the arrival of Claude Robillard to Canada. This group would have the most information on Robillards in North America. I never really followed this group , but I know some who have remained members , I could possibly inquire if you are interested. ( Most of it is in french).For the 325 anniversary , the group commissioned a Bishop in Quebec ( Mrg Gelinas) to create a new Coat of Arms. I have a few cards left, but I also have it scanned in my computer, I could send you a copy. Send me an email and we can start communicating. I'll try to gather as much as I can that can be transfered online.
By the way Robillard is an old germanic name that comes from the root of two words.
From Bili -> gentle
and lard -> strong
the RO would seem to be the equivalent of Mc in scotland which means "son of " or "daughter of"
so you are Amy Lynn daughter of gentle and strong.
and also, Robillards are known to be stubborn ( for generations) but also extremely smart. So if you're a brain , then you know where it comes from ( there are many geniuses in the family ( serious))
Well if you plan to do research look for Claude and his wife Marie Grandin and go from there. Be prepared to notice that in most of the next 350 years , you'll find the majority of Robillards in Quebec. Interesting note. You might also notice that many of them were married at Contre-coeur ( which at first I assumed meant ( forced marriage) but NO, Contre-coeur is a small town in Quebec. My Grand father told me that one.
Have fun and hope to hear from you.
Pierre Robillard 'strong and gentle'