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RAMSDEN LINEAGE by Carol Ramsden-Wood 3/24/01

Researched British Section: LDS - Salt Lake City, Utah;
References: Burke's Landed Gentry; Foster's Yorkshire Pedigrees, England;
Almondbury Parish Register, Yorkshire, England; Burke's Peerage & Baronetage;
Salt Lake (LDS) Family History Library, 1985+ - IGI (International Genealogy Index);
Debrett's Illustrated Baronage; Kelly's Handbook; Archives Records; Peerage & Baronetage; Parish Register-Almondbury, Yorks. Eng.
Abbreviations: abt=about; +or- =before or after; b.=born; Bt.=Baronet; bur.=buried; ca =circa/about; chr.=christened; d.=died; d.y.=died young; Knight=Kt.Longley Hall, and Byram (Huddersfield,) in the County (co) of York,
West Riding of Yorkshire; many Ramsdens birthplace; home/estates; md.=married; York or Yorks.=Yorkshire
"Ramsden.-Local, 'of Ramsden', i.e. the ram's den or dean. A.S. ram, rom+den, a dell, glen or dingle. Some small spot, probably in the W. Rid. of Yorkshire, has given birth to a large contingent of Ramsdens resident in that county; cf. the places Ramsbotham, co. Lanc., and Ramsgill, W. Rid. Yorks; cf. also Ramsden, a parish in dioc. Oxford." (cf=?)
(Accumulated over years of research by Carol Ramsden-Wood, Calgary, AB, Canada)

1. Thomas Ramsden, Esq., b. ca 1430 in Yorkshire, England.
       son Thomas b. ca 1460 of High Trees, Greetland, Yorks. Eng., d. 1537.
       son Gilbert, .......................bought Crowstone Hall about 1524.

2. Thomas Ramsden, Esq., b. ca 1460 +or-, md. yes...... d. 1537
       son Thomas, b. ca 1490 + or -, md. yes......
       son Robert, b. ca 1490 + or -:

3. Robert Ramsden, Esq. b. ca 1490, "of Longley Hall, co. York", of Elland?, Yorks.               md. before 1510 to **Margeret Beaumont, ca 1518. **widowed
       son William b. ca 1510 md. Joanna Wood ca 1541, d. 1580.
       son John b. ca 1512 md. **Margeret Beaumont 1554, d. 1591.                      **remarried
       son Robert b. ca 1516 md. Joanna Firth (1520-1621) d. 1599.

4. John Ramsden, Esq., of Longley Hall, chr. 1512 Elland, Yorks. d. 3 Jul 1591,               Halifax, Yorks. md. bef. 1554, Margeret Beaumont (1518-1590) of Whittey               Beaumont, Yorks, she d. 28 Oct 1590, Elland, Yorks, Eng., Bur. Almondbury,               Yorks. Eng.
       dau. Elizabeth chr. 1554, Almondbury, Yorks., md 16 Oct 1571 Edward                      Beaumont.
       dau. Anne chr. 1556. Almondbury, md. 29 Apr 1589, Samuel Saltonstall. d 1623.
       son William       chr. 27 Aug 1558 of Longley Hall, Almondsbury, Yorks, Eng.
                     md. Rosamund Pilkington 29 Apr 1589. William d. 5 Jan 1636.
       son John       chr. 21 Sept 1559 md. Ellen Lewes        
       son Robert        chr. 25 Jan 1560 d.y., bur. 26 Sep 1560.
       son Richard       chr. 5 Jul 1562 d.y., bur. 27 Nov 1562.
       son Robert       chr. 24 Mar 1566 d. y., bur. Mar 24, 1566.

5. William Ramsden, Esq. of Longley Hall, Yorks. chr. 27 Aug 1558, Almondbury,               Yorks. Eng.
       md. (1) Rosamund Pilkington (1568-1597) of Bradley, Yorks. died 1623.
       md. (2) Mrs. Mary Batty (-).
       Children by 1st wife:
       son Richard       chr. 18 Oct 1589 d.y. bur. 26 Oct 1589.
       dau. Maria       chr. 1591 md. Christopher Wanderforth.       
       dau.Catherine chr. 31 May 1593, md. Richard Holland 15 Jun 1624, bur. 27 Mar               1646.
       son John chr. 13 Oct 1594 md (1) Margeret Frecheville,
       who d. 23 Jan 1615, bur. 27 Mar 1646.
       John md. (2) Mrs. Anne Overton Chamberlayne Poole, widow of                             George Chamberlayne; widowed 2ndly of John Poole, Heiress of                             Lawrence Overton of London.
       dau Rosamund chr. 1595, md. Ambrose Pudsey 23 Jan 1615, bu. 13 Dec 1619.
       son William chr. 1 Apr 1597, d. 1622.

6. Sir John Ramsden, Knight, (Kt) cr. 13 Oct 1594 of Longley Hall, Almondbury, Yorks,
       d. 1646, (M.P. Pontefract 1627, High Sheriff 1636), "of Byram and                             Longley Hall" md. (1) Margeret Frecheville, (1608-1626) dau. of Sir Peter                      Frecheville of Stavely, co. of Derby; bu. Almondbury, Yorks. Eng.
       son William       chr. 10 Apr 1626, md Elizabeth Palmes
       son John chr. 20 Sep 1626, d. 1648 unmd.
       dau. Margeret chr. 20 Sep 1626.

7. William Ramsden, Esq. of Longley Hall, chr. 10 Apr 1625 at Almondbury, Yorks. Eng.,        of Longley Hall and Byram, bur. 26 Sept 1679, at Almondbury, Yorks. Eng.
       md. Elizabeth Palmes, heiress, dau. of George Palmes, b. circa 1630, of Longley,               Yorks., d. 23 Jul 1691, poss. Longley Hall, Almondbury, Yorks. Children:
       son John       b. 1648, Longley Hall, Almondsbury, Yorks. Eng.
                     md. Sarah Butler 22 Jan 1670, d. 11 Jun 1690 at age 41.
                     Sarah died 1683.
       dau Sarah       b. 1649, d. 1691, unmd., dau Katherine chr. 3 May 1650.
       dau Anna       chr. 1651, bur. 30 Jun 1671, unmd., son William b. 13 Jul 1652.
       son Peter       chr. 13 Jan 1654, unmd.
       dau Browne        chr. 1655, md. (1) Sir George Dalston (Kt.) 11 Sep 1673,
                     md. (2) Edward Andrews 15 Mar 1740,
                     md. (3) Sir Richard Fisher (Bt.) a Knight to a Baron)
       dau Margaret        chr. 9 Jan 1656, md. 26 Sep 1674 Sir John Dalston, Bt. 2nd of                                                                                     Dalton.
       dau Mary        b. 22 Apr 1658, md. 5 Sep 1694 Thomas Wilkinson of Kirkeaston,                                                                                     Yorks.
       son Frecheville b. 21 Jan 1658, (I.G.I.="29 Jan 1655"?) d. 26 Nov 1679, unmd.
       son Charles       chr. Feb 1659 at Brotherton, Yorks. Eng., d. before 23 May 1691.
       dau Frances       chr. 13 Jun 1661 Almondbury, Yorks, Eng., md. 8 Feb 1682 Charles                             Powlett, 2nd Duke of Bolton (Pawlet), bur. 1696.
       dau Elizabeth        b. 1662 at Almondbury, Yorks, Eng., md. John Anderson.
RAMSDEN From Another Source:

       From an extract of the Ramsden Pedigree in "Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire" compiled by Joseph Foster, Vol. 2, (West Riding), London, pub. 1874, it shows that Sir John Ramsden and Louisa Susanna Ingram-Shepherd had eight children, their first and last child born in the Middlesex (London) area, the others at Byram Hall, near Brotherton, Yorkshire.
       "Although the Ramsdens still owned Longley Hall, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, at this period, they lived mainly at Byram Hall, and rarely visited Longley Hall." (Huddersfield Central Library.)
       Their children were as follows:
1.       John Charles Ramsden, of Buckden, in the Parish of Arncliffe, and of Newby Park, in the parish of Topcliffe, both in the county of Yorkshire; M.P. for Malton, born 30 April, 1788, son and heir, baptized at St. George's Hanover Square, county of Middlesex, married on 4 May, 1814, to Isabella, (who died 6 December, 1887, aged 97,) seventh and youngest daughter of Thomas, 1st Lord Dundas. John died 29 December, 1836.

2.       William Ramsden, of Oxton Hall, county of Yorkshire; a retired Rear Admiral, born 15 August, baptized 4 September, 1789 at Brotherton, married 6 August, 1827, Marquess Annabella Igoldesby (who died 1855), eldest daughter of 13th Marquess of Winchester. William died at Byram Hall near Brotherton the 30 December, 1852 and was buried at Brotherton, Yorkshire.

3.       Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden, born 14 November, 1790, baptized at Brotherton Parish Church, near Leeds, married secondly, as second wife, 9 December, 1847, to Lord George Quin, (who died 6 February, 1888), second son of Thomas (Taylour), 1st Marquis of Headfort and she died 24 August, 1872. (Ramsden published Pedigree Chart). Her first husband was Surgeon-Major David Wood, M.D., (1774-1842), not recognized by the Ramsden family.

(by CR-W) This new evidence creates a mystery and one could conjure up many fabrications to fit one's imagination and speculate why the Ramsden Pedigree did not include Dr. David Wood as her first husband! On David and Isobella's marriage certificate it reads that Isabella Ramsden was of the St. Anne's Parish, London and it was by licence with the consent of....and this was left blank. We think it is quite possible that Isabella, at the age of 24 in 1814, did not have the consent of her parents, that they perhaps did not approve of their daughter marrying an army doctor!

       Since the death of Dr. David Wood took place 1842, it is then verified that Isobella married (secondly) Lord George Quin five years later as previously indicated. The writer obtained a copy of their marriage certificate - her full name, Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden, is listed as spinster!!! Obviously the Ramsden family did not acknowledge her first marriage, nor her children, as evidenced in the missing data in the Ramsden Pedigree Chart and family records.

       Cousin Brig-Gen. John Norris Wood's father, Uncle Norris Wood, a family historian, tried to correspond with the head of the Ramsden family many years ago, but received only a short message that "he was in no way about to correspond with a distant relative in the colonies!" Until further evidence, why their marriage and their children were not recognized by the Ramsden family, it will remain a mystery.

       From the Assistant Archivist at Kirklees District Archives, Central Library, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, she writes, according to her records, that "she (Isabella) was born on 14 November, 1790, but she did not marry until 9 December, 1847, when she married Lord George Quin. She was then aged 57." (So the records were carefully made void of the actual truth about her marriage to Dr. David!) "She had no children, and died on 24 August 1872, (*she had 4, possibly 5 children and I found evidence of their births elsewhere, by correspondence). The Baptismal entry reads, "Louisa Mary Isabella, daughter of Sir John Ramsden, Bart. and Hon'able Louisa Susanna Ramsden, his wife, born Novr 4th - baptized 12 December, 1790" from the Parish records - "Baptisms 1790 - Brotherton". "Hon'able is used when the female is a daughter of a Lord or Marquis; Hon. when it is a male.")

4.       Elizabeth Francis Ramsden, born 31 March, 1792 at Brotherton, married 1 August, 1821 to Hon. Edward William Hawke, 4th Baron and subsequently Lord Hawke, (who died 8 January, 1869) and she died 26 August, 1824 just three years after her marriage.

5.       Caroline Margaret Ramsden, born 16 November, 1796 at Brotherton, Yorkshire, married 16 August, 1831 the Reverend Lord Charles Paulet, Vicar of Wellesbourne, county of Warwick, and preb. of Salisbury; 2nd son of 13th Marquess of Winchester and died 6th October, 1847 leaving issue. He died 30 April, 1838.

6.       Henry James Ramsden, of Oxton Hall, county of Yorkshire; D.L. and J.P. sometime Capt. 9th Dragoons (lancers), born 22 October and baptized 22 November, 1799 at Brotherton, married 8 August, 1829 at Cambridge House, south Audley Street, in the Hon'able Frederica Selina Law, 5th daughter of Edward, 1st Lord Ellenborough, Lord Chief Justice of England. Henry died 19 October, 1871, and was buried at Brotherton 28 October 1871.

7.       Charles Ramsden, of Newbold, Revel, county of Warwick, sometime a Capt. in the Army, born 25 February and baptized at Brotherton 25 March, 1801, married on 14 June 1828, Lady Harriet Frances Byng, (who died 1873) eldest daughter of Field-marshal John, 1st Earl of Stratford, G.C.B. Charles died 11 February, 1891.
(From Another Source): "Isabella's lineage goes back to 1430 traced as follows:

"1755       Isabella's father, Sir John Ramsden, was christened on 1 December, 1755, at               Brotherton. He married on 7 July, 1787 at the home of Viscountess Irwin                      (Irvine), Stanhope Street, Mayfield, England and died 15 July, 1839 at Hamilton               Place, Piccadilly, London, England. Sir John was the 4th Baronet, a title he               inherited from his father, Sir John Ramsden, 3rd Baronet of Longley Hall and               Byram.

"1766       Isabella's mother, the Hon'able Louisa Susanna Ingram (Shepherd) was born               circa 1766, and possibly from a Scottish line and may possibly have been born in               Yorkshire and died 11 November, 1857 at the age of 91, at Byram Hall,                      Brotherton and buried at Brotherton, Yorks. The had issue of eight children.

"1698       Isabella's grandfather, the 3rd Baronet, Sir John Ramsden, M.P. of Longley Hall               and Byram Hall, was born circa 1698/1699 (records differ), registered at                      Almondbury, died 10 April, 1769 and buried at Almondbury. He married Margaret        (Norton) Bright (widow of Thomas-Liddell Bright) of Badsworth, Yorks., who was               registered as being buried at Almondbury.

"1672       Isabella's great-grandfather, the 2nd Baronet of Longley Hall, Huddersfield, was               Sir William Ramsden, born 22 October 1672, died in 1736, and married Elizabeth,        on 6 August, 1696, daughter of John, Viscount Lonsdale. She was born circa               1674 and died circa 1694, probably at Longley Hall, and probably buried at               Almondbury. They had issue of eleven children.

"1648       His father was Sir John Ramsden, 1st Baronet, (created a baronet on the 30               November, 1689), of Longley Hall and Byram Hall, born in April or May of 1648,               married Sarah Butler, heiress, on 7 March, 1670, who was the daughter of               Charles Butler, of Coates, Lincolnshire, England. Sarah died 14 January 1683 at               Longley Hall, Huddersfield, and Sir John (1st Bt.) died 11 January, 1690 at               Longley Hall and possibly both buried at Almondbury.

"1625       His father was William Ramsden, Esq. of Longley Hall and Byram Hall (sold               Potterton lands to William Fairfax 1648 and 1653), was christened at Almondbury        on 10 April, 1625, was married 1647 to Elizabeth Palmes, at Naburn, heiress,               daughter of William Palmes, Esq. of Naburn in the county or Yorkshire. There               were 13 children of this union. William died either 12 April, 1679 or 26                      September 1679 (to varying sources of reference) and possibly died at Longley               Hall and possibly buried at Almondbury.

"1594       William's father was Sir John Ramsden, Knight, of Longley Hall and Byram. M.P.               Pontefract 1627/8, High Sheriff 1636. John was christened 13 October, 1594 at               Almondbury, died and buried on 17 March, 1746 at age 52 at Newark Castle               Parish        Church, married firstly to Margaret Frecheville , daughter of sir Peter               Frecheville of Stavely, Count of Derby, England. Margaret was the sister of John,               Lord Frecheville, whose title became extinct at his demise in 1682. Margaret was               christened 18 December, 1608 at Stavely, died on December, 1626 possibly at               Longley Hall, and buried 22 December, 1626 possibly at Almondbury.

       Sir John Ramsden, Knight, married secondly to Mrs. Anne Overton Chamberlayne        Poole on 7 June, 1734, widow of George Chamberlayne, widow of John Poole               and heiress of Lawrence Overton of London, England. Sir John and Margaret had        issue, William, John and "Margeret".

1558       His father was William Ramsden of Longley Hall (who recorded his pedigree in               1612 at the visitation of York). William was christened 27 August, 1558                      registered at        Almondbury, Yorks. He married firstly Rosamund Pilkington on 29               April, 1589, registered at Almondbury. Rosamund was born circa 1568 at                      Bradley, Yorks., and died in 1597 at Longley Hall and buried at Almondbury on 2               May, 1597. She was the daughter of Thomas Pilkington of Bradley, county of               Yorks. and her mother was Barbara Rereshy.

       William married secondly to Mrs. Mary Batty, widow of Henry Batty of Barnshall,               Yorkshire, England. Six children were born to William and his first wife. He died 7        June, 1623 at Longley Hall and was buried at Almondbury. He held the Manor of               Barwick in 1610, part of Potterton Estate.

1512       William's father was John Ramsden of Longley Hall, who was born circa 1512 at               Elland, Yorkshire, England and died 3 July, 1591 at Halifax, Yorkshire. He                      married before circa 1534, Margaret Beaumond, of Whitty Beaumont, Yorkshire,               England. Margaret was born circa 1518 and died on October 1590 at Elland,               county of Yorkshire, and buried 28 October, 1590, registered at Almondbury,               Yorkshire.

1490       His father was Robert Ramsden of Longley Hall, Huddersfield, county of York., born circa 1490 and was of Elland, Yorkshire, England. His wife's name is unknown but they had three sons - William, John and Robert.

1460       His father was Thomas Ramsden, Esq. of Elland, Yorkshire, and Longley Hall,               born circa 1460, married (?), died in 1537, leaving issue, two sons, Thomas and               Robert (1490).

1430       Thomas Ramsden, Esq. of Elland and of Longley Hall was born circa 1430, had               issue, Thomas and Gilbert. (Gilbert paid twelve pence subsidy for Crowstone in or about 1524). Thomas was of High Trees, Gretland, Yorkshire, (paid for his house and lands 10 Marks subsidy in 1524).
Cousin - Brig. Gen. John Norris Wood of Quebec, Canada wrote - (before he died):

       "Isabella Ramsden married Surgeon-Major David Wood, MD in 1814. She was the heiress of Sir John Ramsden of Byram and Longley and as such, she inherited his coat of arms and        crest although not his title, which passed to a junior branch of the Ramsden Family - his grandson.

       "Blason of Arms: Argent on a chevron sable between 3 fleurs-de-lis gules as many rams heads as the first Crest: An armed arm couped at the elbow and erect proper holding in the gauntlet a fleurs-de-lis gules.
       "Because Isabella Ramsden was an heraldic heiress, her coat of arms would be inherited by her eldest living son who would quarter her arms with his paternal arms. Thus the son of this marriage, Dr. William Wood, bore arms in the manner of quartered               |Wood Ramsden| and below
       |Ramsden Wood| and all future generation would inherit his quartered coat.

       "Occasionally the College of Heralds grants a double crest to a person whose father had a coat of arms and whose mother was an heiress. This was done in the case of the Wood - Ramsden union as our family's crest is the double one of Wood and Ramsden."

       John continued: "I obtained a copy of the coat of arms of Dr. William Edward Ramsden Wood (my grandfather) from England and the coat of arms described above was quartered thereon although the copy which I already had (1875) showed the fleurs-de-lis OR which is heraldically incorrect as metal (OR) can never be a charged on other metal (argent)." John inherited the coat of arms from his father, eldest son Norris Ramsden Wood, son of Dr. William Edward Ramsden Wood."

       "Burke's Armoury 1843 gives SABLE as the colouring of the fleurs-de-lis. This is readily explained as being the 'differenced' coat of arms of the Ramsden who inherited the title from John Ramsden (above) but NOT his coats of arms."

       The 5th Baronet who inherited the title was Sir John William Ramsden, born 14 September, 1831, grandson of the 4th Baronet, (through his son, John Charles Ramsden) who married 2 August 1865 Lady Helen Guendolen, youngest daughter and co-heir of 12th Duke of Somerset, KG Lady Helen was a well-known author. His coat of arms was "differenced" by SABLE.

       Therefore, Lady Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden was, in fact, the wife of Dr. David Wood, mother of David, William, Edward, and John. After David died in 1842, she later became Marquess of Headfort, 2nd wife of Lord George Quin, Marquis of Headfort, and she died at the age of 82 at St. George Square in London on 24 August, 1872.
....Ramsdens born in Yorkshire between 1750 an 1850...?

Sir John William Ramsden 5th Baronet, (M.A. 1853-7) b. 14 Sep 1831 at Newbury Park, Yorkshire, England, sat as M.P. for Taunton (L) 1853-7; for Hythe 1857-9; for West Riding of York 1880-85; for Osgoldeross Div. of E. Part of W. Riding of York 1885-6; and was under-Secty. of State of War 1857-8, md. 2 Aug 1865 at Westminster, Saint Martin in the Fields, London, Eng. to Lady (Helen) Guendolen St. Maur, author and artist, b. 14 Nov 1846, d. 14 Aug 1910.
       Children of Sir John and Lady Helen were:

       Sir John Frecheville Ramsden, 6th Bt., b. 7 Jan 1877, of Yorks, High Sheriff of Bucks. Yorkshire England. Md. 15 May 1901 Joan (Fowell) Buston of Dunston Hall, Sir. John
       d. 6 Oct 1958.
       dau. Guendolen Isabella Jane, b. ---, d.y. 12 Aug 1866.
       dau. Hermione Charlotte, b. 17 Jun 1867, unmd. d. 4 Jun 1851.
       dau. Rosamund Isabel, b. 12 Dec 1872, md. 2 Apr 1907 Capt. Richard Ford,
              d. 5 Nov 1911.
(This segment is how ancestors are recorded in library books mostly found in Family History Libraries or General Libraries, possibly where you live, in the Genealogy section. Direct quote from one of the reference books I found on my lineage:

       "RAMSDEN, SIR JOHN, baronet, of Byram, in the county of York; survived to the title, as fourth baronet, at the decease of his father, in 1769; m. 7th of July, 1787, the Hon. Louisa-Susan Ingram-Shepherd, daughter and coheiress of Charles, Viscount Irvine, (a peerage of Scotland, which expired with his lordship in 1778,) by whom he has issue,
       John Charles, M.P., b. 30th of April, 1788;
       William, captain RN; m. 6th August, 1827, Annabella, eldest daughter of the Marquess of Winchester.
(FROM ANOTHER SOURCE)              LINEAGE. s.=survived
This family is descended from:
"ROBERT RAMSDEN, esq. of Longley Hall, in the county of York, whose son,
JOHN RAMSDEN, esq. of Longley Hall, living in 1612, was s. at his decease, by his eldest son,
WILLIAM RAMSDEN, esq. who was s. by his eldest son,
SIR JOHN RAMSDEN, knight, of Byram and Longley Hall, a distinguished officer under the royal banner, during the civil wars, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter Frecheville, knight, of Staveley, in the county of Derby, and sister of John, Lord Frescheville, (a dignity conferred in 1682,) and was succeeded by his eldest son,
WILLIAM RAMSDEN, esq. This gentleman m. Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of George Palmes, esq. of Lindley, in the county of York, and was s. at his decease, by his eldest son,
1. JOHN RAMSDEN, esq. of Byram, who was created a baronet on the 30th Nov. 1689. Sir John m. Sarah, only daughter of heiress of Charles Butler, esq. of Coates, in the county of Lincoln, by whom he had seven sons, and was survived by the eldest,
2. SIR WILLIAM RAMSDEN, This gentleman m. Elizabeth, second daughter of John, Viscount Lonsdale, by whom he had issue six sons and five daughters. He d. in 1736, and was s. by his eldest,
3. SIR JOHN RAMSDEN, M.P. who m. Margaret, relict (former wife) of Thomas-Liddel Bright, esq. of Badsworth, in the county of York, by whom he had
John, the present baronet.
Elizabeth, m. in 1771 to William Weddell, esq., of Newby,
Margaret, who m. in 1774, Thomas, third Lord Ducie, uncle to the present lord.
       Sir John d. in 1769.
       Creation - 30th Nov. 1689.
       Arms - Argent on a chevron, between three fleurs-de-lis sage as many rams'               heads erased of he first.
       Crest - On a wreath, an armed man, couped at the elbow and erect, proper,               holding in the gauntlet a fleur-de-lis sage.
       Town Resident - 140, Piccadilly
       Seat - Byram Hall, Yorkshire."                     
From my Pedigree Chart I developed my lineage over the years, for example, in brief:
1.       Thomas Ramsden (1430 2.       Thomas Ramsden (1460
3.        Robert Ramsden (1490 4.       John Ramsden (1512
5.       William Ramsden (1558 6.       Sir John Ramsden, Kt. (1594
7.       William Ramsden (1625 8.       Sir John Ramsden, 1st Baronet (1648
9.       Sir William Ramsden, 2nd Baronet (1672
10.       Sir John Ramsden, 3rd Baronet (1698/9
11.       Sir John Ramsden, 4th Baronet (1755
12.       Lady Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden, Heiress (1790) (Had family Coat of               Arms), (married without her parents consent! to -)
       (Surgeon-Major David Wood, MD (1773 (they had 4 sons) one of which was:
a)       (William Wood, MD, F.R.C.P (1816, who son and heir was:
b)       (William Edward Ramsden Wood, MD, F.R.C.P. (1849
c)       (Leslie Kenneth Ramsden Wood (1886 (had last two names legally                      hyphenated in 1945)
d)       (Carol Joyce Ramsden-Wood (1930 md. Derek Hampden Holder 1959; adopted:
e)              dau 1) Kathleen Mary (Holder) Hogg, 3 sons.
f)              dau 2) Glynis Joan (Holder) Robak - 4 sons.
From Another Source:
       The material in parenthesis was found in a manuscript entitled "Genealogical and Historical Sketch" put out by Roots Research Bureau Ltd. of New York, covering "The Name and Family of Ramsdell, Ramsden - Manuscript Number 2162, Copyright 1984 Roots Research Bureau, Ltd.
       (Received permission by letter to reproduce pages 2-4).
       "The name and family of Ramsdell or Ramsden is believed by some writers to be derived from the English name of Ramsdale, which is the corruption of the English Ramsden, which means the den or dell of the ram.

       "Families bearing the name of Ramsden were resident at an early date in the English counties of York, Oxford, Lancaster, Essex, and Nottingham, as well as in the city and vicinity of London and in various parts of Ireland. They appear to have been, for the most part, of the British landed gentry.

       "In ancient English records the name is found in various forms of Rammesden, Romsdeyn, Ramsdon, Ramsden, Ramsdell, and numerous others, of which the second last spelling is the name in this family history.

(1)       "One Robert Ramsden (1516) was living at Langley, or Longley, in Yorkshire, in               the early sixteenth century and was the father there of a son named John who               had at least two sons, William and John. Of these, William married Rosamond,               daughter of Thomas Pilkington, and had issue by her of Sir John, William,                      Catherine and Rosamond; while John married Ellen, daughter of Richard Lewes,               and had at lease one son, named William. William, son of John and Ellen,                      married Mary, daughter of Thomas Waterton, but his progeny all died at an early        age.

(2)       "Sir John Ramsden, eldest son of William and Rosamond, was Sheriff of                      Yorkshire about 1638. He first married Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter                      Frecheville, and was the father by her of William and John. By his second wife,               the widow Anne (nee Overton) Chamberlaine, of London, and Sir John had no               issue.

(3)       "William (1625) his eldest son, married 1648 Elizabeth, a daughter of George               Palmes and was the father of 13 children of whom 8 lived - Sir John (1648);               Frecheville (1658/9); Peter (1654); Browne (1655); Margeret (1656/7); Frances               (1661); Mary (1658), and Elizabeth (1662). Of these, the first was created a               baronet in 1689. By his wife Sarah, daughter of Charles Butler, he left, among               other sons who died, Sir William (1672) who married Elizabeth Lonsdale in 1695.               Sir William, by Elizabeth, was father to Sir John in 1695; William (1703); James               (1705); Robert (1708; Thomas (1709); Frecheville (1715); and 5 others who               died unmarried.

(4)       "Sir John, eldest son of Sir William and Elizabeth, married Mrs. Margaret (Norton)        Bright, daughter of William Norton of Sawley. Sir John, by Margaret was the               father of Sir John (1755), Elizabeth and Margaret.

(5)       Sir John (1755), married the Honorable Louisa Susanna Ingram Shepherd,               daughter of Charles, Viscount Irwin. Sir John, 4th Bt, was father to John Charles               (1788); William (1789); Lady Louisa Mary Isabella (1790); Elizabeth Frances               (1792); Caroline Margaret (1796); Charles (1801), and Frances Catherine                      (1806)."
       (a) Lady Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden (1790), who firstly married                      Surgeon-Major David Wood, M.D. their sons =        i) William Wood, MD, F.R.C.P.,               (1816); ii) David Wood (1815); iii) John Wood (1819); iv) Edward Wood (1819).
       Lady Isobella married secondly Lord George Quin (1847).

Dr. William's son and heir was: *William Edward Ramsden Wood, MD, F.R.C.P. (1849).
*Dr. Ramsden Wood's youngest son was: Leslie Kenneth Ramsden-Wood (1886), (name legally hyphenated), married Ethel Mildred Pennoyer, who had a son Hugo Ramsden-Wood (1918), and three daughters - (twins) Joan Ramsden-Wood (1920), Jean Ramsden-Wood (1920); and Carol Joyce Ramsden-Wood (1930).
Prepared by Carol J. Ramsden-Wood for distribution to those interested in the Ramsdens of Yorkshire, England and latterly in Canada to date. Any errors or omissions, please advise.

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