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Subject:Something about polish spelling „Nieczajana Górna”
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Something about polish spelling „Nieczajana Górna”

cz – one letter, spell how “ch” in word “chance”
ó – it’s Grammatik “u”, ó = u
ą – spell how “om”

e.g. Dąbrowa spell “Dombrowa”

And Nieczajana Górna spell: "Niechajna Gurna".

Polish is very changed language (Alls is at the end of a word). E.g.:
City Kraków (spell Krakuw, becuse ó=u)
And so, We go to Krakowa (Washingtonu etc.)
We are in Krakowie (Washingtonie etc.)

If You want see Nieczajna Górna from birds eyes view open this link:

and it’s something about Dąbrowa Tarnowska:

If You want answer form Polish Offices write question in Polish Language.

From National Archive in Kraków a branch in Tarnów (Archive in Tarnów) I waiting 3 weeks for a answer. They too sends scans documents by e-mail
- first You must paying them to account,they writing all for You in e-mail.
(I pay 10 PLN, by 1 site of scan churching records from Dabrowa Tarnowska).

Country Clerk in Dąbrowa Tarnowska don’t have records older how 100 years.
All olders records get to National Archive in Kraków a branch in Tarnów.
So, if You need older records contact with Archive in Tarnów.
records to 1912 seaarch first in Urząd Stau Cywilnego w Dąbrowie Tarnowskiej (located in Urząd Gminy w Dąbrowie Tarnowskiej),
records before 1912 searching in Archive in Tarnów (also from Urząd Stanu Cywilnego w Dąbrowie Tarnowskiej).

In Country Clerk in Dąbrowa Tarnowska (and any Country Clerk in Poland) records costs:
22 PLN – “short act”
22 PLN – multi-language act
33 PLN – “full act”

Born records – Akt urodzenia
Marriage records – Akt Małżeństwa
Dead records – Akt Zgonu

dz – one letter, spell how “j” in “jam”.
ł(Ł)– spell how “w” in “wow”
ź – how “zi”
ń - how “ni”
rz - how "zy"

PLN – mean polish ZŁOTY (złoto - gold)
„One” Złoty
„Couple” Złotych

You can use Maps from:

and translator (BUT is too much literal)