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The fact is that a brute majority of the Indian Muslims are as aborigine Indians as the Hindutva believers of today’s India. Not even a fraction of the Indian and Pakistani Muslims are settlers here in this subcontinent from abroad, the vast majority being converts from Hindutva to Islam. This large conversion had and still has very genuine reasons. The four caste groupings of Hindutva had placed the Waish and the Shudra groups at a level lower than that of some animals, the cow for instance.

The Waish were an integral part of Scythian race, when the Scythians migrated and occupied most of the northern Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. So were the Brahmins and the Kashatrayas part of the same Scythian race, Aryas being a small sub-caste of Scythians living on the Iranian border of the Caspian Sea.

The word Arya means the “cultivator” and the Aryas were never a separate group than the general mass of Scythians, living all around the Caspian Sea and occupying lands north of the Black Sea (7th-8th century BC), then moving westward to Europe and southward to the subcontinent (7th century BC).

It was after firm establishment in India that the literate groups out of the Scythians invented the caste system, primarily to keep the conquered people (the Dravadians and other Shudras) under Scythian domination and the caste system was introduced and then vigorously enforced during the Gupta Empire (from 4th to 6th centuries AD), the Guptas themselves being Dharan Jats.

The rigidity of this inhuman caste system had caused the creation of Buddhism, Jainism and then conversions to Islam, Sikhism and now Christianity.

It is nowhere near the truth that Muslims have come from outside into the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. We the Scythians (called Jat, since the 5th century AD) are Scythians, called Bhartis in India now. Only some families of the so-called Syeds and Qureshis had come to India following the conquests by Afghans and Turks.

The culture of the vast majority of Pakistani people is still the same as that of the East Punjab people and we in Pakistan are as proud of our culture and traditions as the non-Muslim Scythians dominating India of today.