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Subject:Still Need HELP with Sources!
Post Date:June 11, 2000 at 20:53:08
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As I haven't had a response to my last message, I thought I'd try again. I'm going through the MAJOR task of switching from PAF 2.31 to PAF 4.04. While I LOVE the new PAF (Which is, in reality, an updated AQ, I'm having some MAJOR problems trying to convert my notes, etc.

With PAF 2.31 and the older AQ, I used the PAF SVUG guidelines for note/source entries in the past - which, while workable had its own problems. Unfortunately, that did NOT transfer over a smoothly as I had hoped, so now I'm MANUALLY redoing EVERYTHING. UGH! I know that it will be worth it in the end but here are some of the problems I've already faced:

1. The PAF 4.04 Documentation does NOT provide a very thorough discussion on notes entry with COMPLETE samples. For example - there are no samples on census entries! Also, the "Author" and "Publication Information" examples appear to be inconsistent in the PAF documentation. For example, under "Author" the samples provide not only the author's name but other samples list such things as a "Catholic Church" or the "State of South Dakota."

Under "Publication Information" items are sometimes identified simply as "transcript" or "certificate" but at other times, the publisher of a book or the organization that microfilmed the orginal record is listed instead of stating "book" or "register." Obviously, there needs to be a more consistent way of entering source information.

2. I purchased the Elizabeth Miles book, "Evidence," which is recommended in the PAF documentation - while that too is an excellent resource, it does not include PAF 4.04 specific note entry examples.

3. Also, I've ALWAYS kept meticulous notes - and have assigned EVERYTHING in my possession its own, unique "call number" so that I can easily refer to the item when I need it. WHERE can I put this information??? So far, I've only entered a few items, as I rework my notes/sources, where I OWN the original document - in that case, I can put the information under repository and call number. The problem then begins, however, when I try to enter a source obtained from elsewhere (i.e. the FHL). I want/need to still be able to sort my information by my OWN call numbers therefore, where is the best place to enter that information so that I can do so?

Are there ANY good sources on the 'net for this type of information. I KNOW I'm being nit-picky but I really feel that extreme perfectionism is a requirement when it comes to documenting a genealogy.

Thanks for listening to my whines!