Posted By:Melvin Ware
Subject:Upgrade From PAF 2.31
Post Date:February 01, 2011 at 09:17:38
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I've been using PAF ver. 2.31 ever since it's introduction way back when. Love the program. it's small, fast, and does everything I need - at least up until now. Beginning in 2011, PAF allows me to enter the year 2011 but then gives an error (Invalid Year) when running File Check. Since there's apparently no fix available for this problem, I'm planning to upgrade to the latest version PAF5.

From what I've read, PAF5 will not accept the 2.31 DATA file directly, but there are two other ways by which this can be done.

1. Move the 2.31 DATA file first to PAF4. Then move the PAF4 DATA file to PAF5.

2. Create a GEDCOM file within PAF 2.31 and import the GEDCOM file into PAF5.

Just wondering which is the better way or are the results going to be the same either way? I don't want to lose anything in making the transition.

Thanks for any advice.