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Subject:Re: How do I delete Title (Prefix): Mr., Mrs., Ms. etc
Post Date:January 13, 2011 at 14:27:08
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In PAF, the Title (prefix) (i.e. Mr., Ms., Dr., Rev.)that I use are not entered in the Name field (though you could do that); instead there is a separate "Other" event entitled "Title (prefix)" and is where I entered the data - this tag is NPFX in their database structure (you'll see that when you open the gedcom in a text editor) and is not an available selection in the progam's Global search & replace.

Using a text editor I can Find all occurrences of each prefix and replace with null value but, as you stated, it will remove all instances throughout the database (including in notes, sources, etc) and there is no way (that I can determine) to filter it to remove only from the NPFX tag.

I even tried to do the same thing by opening in a spreadsheet but with the same problem. I think that some genealogy software allow you to export/import in a spreadsheet format? (csv) but PAF doesn't have that feature, either.

In your second example, I am assuming you did enter the prefix as part of the Full Name field and is why you could use Global Search and Replace but doesn't solve my problem for the reason discussed.

Or, maybe you meant that you used the Search and Replace function in a text editor and tabbed to each occurrence and then deleted the prefix (in the NPFX tag) one by one: that's one way to do it. Or, likewise, you could scroll through each name in the PAF file and delete each prefix in the Other event: Title (prefix); both solutions are far too time consuming with thousands of records - BUT may be the only way to effectively accomplish what I want.

Too bad the PAF program has this sort of limitation; I otherwise like the program for its simplicity.

When I export my gedcom file (as is), the prefix is part of the Full Name so that when I import it into my online software (website: using The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding [a great! program], it doesn't have the ability (that I have yet discovered) to exclude the NPFX tag and thus, the prefix becomes part of the "Full Name" - I will ask the designer of the program if there is a way to exclude NPFX (you can exclude tags/events which are optional/custom in PAF but not the NPFX which is core to PAF).

Thanks so much for your help - I really appreciate it! Please let me know if I've misunderstood your suggestions.


I've got some other genealogy programs that I'm trying out to see if they will help me solve the problem - either Global Find & Replace or, export as a spreadsheet file that will hopefully have all the tags/events as individual headers (unlike all in one column when you open in a text editor).