Posted By:Gerald Collins
Subject:Re: Problem printing Index for book
Post Date:January 26, 2010 at 11:47:03
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The instructions you received for creating an Index were precise and accurate. I personally like to use a 3-column index and an 8 point font to reduce the number of pages. I merely block the generated index and select the font in the word header. Sometimes the font list is blank on my computer until I click on it.

I encountered a problem creating Indexes that baffled me for some time, Because the 3-column index came out as two columns although I asked for three. The solution was rather simple after I found the problem. The curser often appears in the center of the page under the word Index. It should appear at the left hand of the page. Easy to change by going to the header in Word and selecting the left hand margin instead of center as set on page.

I first had this problem when I used the WordPerfect program but didn't know how to fix it. I would ask for a 3-column Index and it came out as either a one or two columns instead. I contacted WordPerfect about the problem and they refused to give me technical support because I had been given a discount on the program when I bought my Dell computer; therefore, not deserving of support unless I upgraded.

I switched over to using Microsoft Word at this point. However, even today I notice that the curser often appears in the center of the page under Index and not at the left hand margin as it should. Maybe a program glitch but just a fact of life I guess. I am just passing this along in case you encounter the same probem. A very simple fix solves the problem.