Posted By:Kathye [Payne] Upham
Subject:HELP ..... my NOTES are being DELETED from PAF 5.2180 !!!!!
Post Date:March 23, 2008 at 21:55:56
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I have asked this question for 2-3 years but now I'm at the breaking point and after 30 years of kinfolk hunting, I may have to just quit.

I don't have a clue why this is happening but at least 1 of every 10 persons I pull up in PAF 5.2180 has no notes especially those that were entered before 2005. I am a diligent note maker - in my family you have to be!

In 2001, I worked 8-10 hours per day for almost a year researching my 2 uncles and their 2 sisters who were in Sabine Parish LA when it was formed. In true Anderson tradition their children and grandchildren intermarried for 3-5 generations.
It was a difficult and painstaking task and I spent a lot of money proving who was who but I was able to prove by document every single descendant through 1920 and some to the present.

Four days ago I pulled up Uncle Jeff and all of my notes were GONE !!! Not only for him but all of his descendants - ditto for Uncle Wade.

Hope, hope.... does PAF 5.2180 remove notes and store them some where in the program?
Is there a "size limit" on the amount of notes PAF 5.2180 can store on the notes screen?
Is there a "size limit" on the amount of notes PAF 5.2180 can store in each database?
Does saving my databses as a "zip file" possibly have something to do with the missing notes?

You can imagine my heartache and devastation.......if there is nothing I can do to stop this, I will just have to QUIT because I'll end up just re-researching everyone in my databases and it will never end.

Obviously I am not very computer savvy but I do know how to use PAF basics as I started with 2.31 back in 1994.
I do not use any of the fancier features like multimedia and every entry in my databases was entered one-by-one.....
I have never imported anything.

Can anyone explain or tell me why this happening?

Thankyou for anything you can share,
Kathye Upham