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When you use the Print-to-file option (i.e. put a check mark in the box before you click on Print), PAF will create a Microsoft RTF file, complete with photos if (1.) you have selected to include them and (2.) if the word processor that you have associated with RTF files is capable of handling photos. Your problem may be point 2.

Microsoft Word works fine for this purpose on my computer. Microsoft WordPad does not. OpenOffice sort of does, but takes forever.

Option 1:
If your Works software doesn't display the photos, try this. Do not save the RTF file in Works. Let PAF create the RTF file, and then open the RTF file on a computer that has Word installed, and open it in Word. If the photos appear, save it in Word 97 or 2000 format. It should now be viewable by anyone who has Word 97 or newer.

Option 2:
This is definitely the better choice in my opinion. These days, everyone needs one of the free PDF writers. You select the PDF writer as the printer, and when you "print" the file it creates a PDF version of the document. Everyone who uses the internet has a PDF reader for viewing and printing PDF files. One beautiful thing about PDF files is that they appear identical regardless of the hardware or operating system used by the recipient. (The same cannot be said of Word documents. I received one this week from the latest version of MS Office and all attepts to open it have failed.) An excellent free PDF writer can be found at On one of our computers I use CutePDF, another excellent PDF writer but not as simple to install.

If you use Windows Vista, you will need to select PrimoPDF as your default printer before starting PAF. With other versions of Windows, you can select a different printer from the Page Setup button on PAF's Reports and Charts screen at any time.

Once you have a PDF writer you will wonder how you managed without one! They make it easy to create electronic books from your PAF database, and are good for lots of other things. A good free product for splitting and merging PDF documents is PDFSAM at

Sorry to make it a book-length answer, but I have a high level of enthusiasm for this topic. Let us know how things went!