Posted By:Chris Burningham
Subject:having problem with entering the date- program says it's not standard
Post Date:April 19, 2007 at 15:18:42
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I helped my friend download PAF 5.2 on her computer. After we set the preferences correctly we began to input data. We began with a primary individual. We typed in the birth date and it was ' 5 Feb 1951 '. The program put up a screen and it said " date is not standard" We couldn't figure out why as that is the correct date and we entered it correctly. We set the preference correctly. We even called LDS church PAF software support and they said we had a dud program. We got a new PAF from the distribution center and loaded it. The same thing happened. We uninstalled the PAF and put a copy of mine on her computer (because I know my copy is a good copy of the program.) But the same thing happened. Every time we entered a date, the screen would come up and say "Date is not standard ". When we hit the dialogue box for 'OK' another screen would come and say the date was prior to 996 or some other date ex. 1800 date.
We entered an ordinance date for another individual (17 Aug 1970) and the program clicked its pop-up box, say it wasn't the standard date and in the next box would say that the Salt Lake Temple was unavailable at that time.
I also was demonstrating to my neighbor the program features and we had entered two names. I showed her some of the printing and charting sections. I went into the 'book' preview print feature and did a brief register for the two names she had entered. It was in this section that we looked at the dates and the dates all had the '1' missing from the date. Example: 5 Feb 1951 read as 5 Feb 951. That's when we figured out that the OS wasn't reading the date correctly.
The question I have is: do you think that she has a problem with her operating system reading the program correctly, or is there something that is going wrong when we download the program and how is it that the program is not accepting the dates correctly? Who would have some experience or knowledge of the PAF program that we could contact? The supervisor of the church PAF support did not know how to help us. She kept saying that we should download PAF over the internet. But I don't think that's the problem as we downloaded 3 different PAF 5.2 programs on her computer and they all had the same problem. I would appreciate any help that could be given. Thank you very much. Chris